The largest and most powerful things in the universe


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Astronomy is one of the most interesting subjects. And within this subject, black holes are the most fascinating objects.
They are the biggest and most powerful things in the universe.

Without them there would be no spiral galaxies like our own (there is a black hole at the center of most galaxies), and without galaxies there would be no life.
This is because the strong gravitational pull of galaxies like the Milky Way keeps stars, gas and dust grouped together. It sucks in the heavy elements that make up planets, people, and all other non-gaseous matter in the universe. Clouds of gas within the Milky Way collide and collapse, creating the possibility of new star formations and solar systems. With new solar systems comes the possibility of life.

They are called black holes because they do not emit light, the gravity is so great that not even light can escape.

Paradoxically, they powered the most luminous objects in the universe, quasars.
Quasars are ultra-massive black holes surrounded by a gaseous accretion disc. Gas in the disc falling towards the black hole heats up and releases energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The radiant energy of quasars is enormous, the luminosity of the most powerful quasars is greater than all the stars in thousands of galaxies.

This video is outdated, TON 618 is no longer the largest black hole, as an even larger ultra-massive black hole, Phoenix A*, with 100 billion solar masses, has been discovered. There is a classification of Stupendously Large Black Holes (SLABs) for this monsters with masses of 100 billion suns or more.​


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