Serbian opposition leader says secret service tortured and threatened him


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Speaking for the first time since his release, Sandulović said in a statement on Wednesday: “I was kidnapped by members of the Serbian secret police, who beat me, tortured, humiliated me and threatened to kill me and my family for more than six hours, endangering not only my health but also my life.

“All this because of my political expression and the act of laying flowers on the grave of a murdered seven-year-old girl, who belonged to the Jashari family.”

The charges were levelled after he apologised for crimes committed by Serbs against ethnic Albanians during the Kosovan war of independence in 1998 and 1999. He has been heavily criticised by pro-government media for reposting a video of a visit he made to the grave of Adem Jashari, a founder of the Kosovo Liberation Army who was killed by Serbian police in 1998 along with 57 members of his family.

Sandulović said that after the alleged attack the secret service took him home. Immediately after, he said, the police arrived with an order to take him to prison. Instead, he said, he was taken to the emergency centre as his “condition was critical”.

Giving a first-hand account of the incident, which has raised fresh fears about democracy in Serbia, the opposition politician said he was then transferred to a prison hospital and sentenced at the same time to “the unjust detention of 30 days” which he said put his life in danger.

SOURCE: theguardian

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