"Reputation Points" : RULES

Bucko said:
I think I just got my first bad rep? Not sure, because it came up as a dark blue dot in my user Control Panel (as opposed to green, or red). The person who wrote it said "I think you lack so much in this area !", and it was in regards to this post of mine - http://www.eupedia.com/forum/showthread.php?p=273038#post273038

Why would I get a bad rep for that post?
If its grey, I wouldn't worry. The person who posted the rep hasn't made it past 20 posts so any rep they give you doesn't count towards your rep points. If you feel that you have been given bad rep for no reason you can appeal to one of the moderators.
Tsuyoiko said:
I think it is something like this:

1 - 100 = 1 Dark green
101 - 200 = 2 Dark green
201 - 300 = 3 Dark green
301 - 400 = 4 Dark green
401 - 500 = 5 Dark green

501 - 700 = 5 Dark green, 1 Light green
701 - 900 = 5 Dark green, 2 Light green
901 - 1100 = 5 Dark green, 3 Light green
1101 - 1300 = 5 Dark green, 4 Light green
1301 - 1500 = 5 Dark green, 5 Light green
1501+ = 5 Dark green, 6 Light green

You can't distinguish between someone who has 1501 and someone who has a million.

Than i just need 14 points and i have 5dark, and 5 green balls
Dutch Baka said:
Than i just need 14 points and i have 5dark, and 5 green balls
So if I'm right you should get another ball next time you get another rep point. Just not sure whether we should be discussing your balls in public ;) :blush:
we just call them green balls, instead of squars! the word Balls is nicer!!!!
Huh, i wanted to give somebody Neg rep point, but i couldn't... i could only aprove .. not disaprove.. why is that?

Normaly i dont give neg points, but this person just talks to much crap.....
mmm to bad, i liked it but understand it... thanks for the fast reply....

so how about this Awards Thomas? because i like the thing from Jref of getting rep points, so awards would be nice..... and is it maybe posible to get more green balls?
I'm all for it, Thomas. :cool:
Why it wasn't done 2 months or 2 years ago is a problem with multiple admins I suppose....but anyway, yeah, better late than never. :) Hopefully at least some of the damage is reversible.
or maybe we will find out, that it was a really interresting thing, but they way of how it is being used wasn't good....

so how about that you can give rep point positive, and a button where you can send something that you disaprove the post, without that points are being taken off?
"Reputation Points" RULES

Ooooo :boing2: I have been playing around and giving out reputation all good reputation :uhyeah and then I came too "you have given out too much reputation within the last 24 hours, try again later" So, how many reputation points before you can vote again on someone?And....how many reputation points are you allowed to give in 24 hours? :asian:

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