Ranking of French actors and actresses by net worth (from $10m to $250m)

After the ranking of British, Irish, Australian & NZ actors, here is the list of the wealthiest French actors and actresses. This ranking also doesn't include deceased actors. As the golden age of French cinema was mostly from the 1960s to the 1980s, many of the greatest French actors are already dead (Bourvil, Fernandel, Louis de Funès, Jean Gabin, Jean Marais, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Yves Montand, Jean Rochefort, Jeanne Moreau, Michel Serrault).

These estimates are mostly from celebritynetworth.com. Other sources can sometimes give very different net worth. I didn't list the actors who were not on celebritynetworth.com and for whom the estimates varied too much on other sites. For example, depending on the websites, Daniel Auteuil's net worth ranges from $700,000 (ridiculous) to $245 million (unlikely), while others give $12 million or $94 million. :unsure: Ditto for Pierre Richard (from $1m to $1.33 billion!) Michel Blanc ($1m to $275m), and Carole Bouquet ($1m to $275m). Some sites don't have the slightest clue and just throw numbers like that. The worst exaggerator is mediamass.net (which doesn't even provide the same figures in its French and English versions!). Other actors are enigmatic and hardly any reliable estimates exist about their net worth (e.g. Christian Clavier, Alain Chabat , Gérard Jugnot, Fabrice Luchini), but surely possess well over $10 million, if not over $50 million. For example, I found that some years Christian Clavier earned over $1 million per year and he has been active for over 30 years.

  1. Gérard Depardieu : $250 million
  2. Alain Delon : $200 million
  3. Dany Boon : $80 million
  4. Catherine Deneuve : $80 million
  5. Jean Reno : $70 million
  6. Brigitte Bardot : $65 million
  7. Emmanuelle Béart : $50 million
  8. Marion Cotillard : $50 million
  9. Sophie Marceau : $50 million
  10. Isabelle Adjani : $45 million
  11. Thierry Lhermitte : $45 million
  12. Vincent Cassel : $40 million
  13. Isabelle Huppert : $40 million
  14. Jamel Debbouze : $25 million
  15. Guillaume Canet : $20 million
  16. Juliette Binoche : $20 million
  17. Guillaume Canet : $20 million
  18. Gad Elmaleh : $20 million
  19. Audrey Tautou : $20 million
  20. Jean Dujardin : $16 million
  21. Valérie Lemercier : $13 million
  22. Eva Green : $10 million
  23. Christophe(r) Lambert : $10 million
  24. Sylvie Testud : $10 million

Gérard Depardieu is apparently richer than any British, Irish and New Zealand actor and on a par with Nicole Kidman, the wealthiest Australian actress. It's not surprising considering that Depardieu played in over 200 films (!!), a dozen TV series, as well as in documentaries and TV shows. He is nicknamed 'The Ogre' in France for his insatiable hunger for acting (also he looks a big like an ogre). That being said, I never really liked the man. The fact that he is Putin's friend and was naturalised Russian (and later also Emirati), and that he was accused of rape or sexual assault by over 14 women, doesn't make him more likeable.

Like in Hollywood, French cinema is dominated by Jewish producers and directors (Claude Lelouch, Claude Berri, Francis Veber, Gérard Oury, Roman Polanski), but also actors. Notable (half-)Jewish French actors include: Jean Reno, Dany Boon (convert), Alain Chabbat, Emmanuelle Béart, Isabelle Huppert, Jamel Debbouze, Gad Elmaleh, Eva Green, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mathieu Kassovitz...

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