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Over at FTDNA they announced that R1b-L754 has split because of a Tajik man from Sughd Province. If I am understanding them correctly the split must have happened in Central Asia. This clade is Pre-M269 and indirectly linked to the Yamnaya/Corded ware people.

Y-DNA haplogroup R-L754, also known as R1b1, has just been split.

The split is based on the DNA test results of a Tajik man from a 2022 study. His DNA adds a new data point in the migration story of millions of men. A majority of men in Europe are descendants of these R1b1 genetic ancestors. Their Y-chromosome signature spread into Europe from Central Asia during the Bronze Age.

The Tajik man is from the Sughd Province in the Republic of Tajikistan. Tajiks are a Persian-speaking Iranian ethnic group native to Central Asia. The new Y-DNA haplotree structure is R-L754 (3 SNPs) > R-L761 (17 SNPs). The split is estimated to have happened around 16,500 BCE.

The Discover reports will be updated with this new information next week.

Link to view split: http://bit.ly/3j0mNOK
Reference: Tajik-7 from Zhabagin et al. 2022 (https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4425/13/10/1776)

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The new Tajik man is R1b-L761 and the split is just under Villabruna 1. So, we can officially exclude Villabruna 1 as an ancestor to M269. Also, the split must have taken place about 16500 years ago.

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