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I recently noticed something that we had in front of our noses for a while.

I'm doubtful of the fact that Africa plays such a big role in our evolution as a species.

I'm of the idea that humanity is not a big worker(in the middle of the wilderness).
Instead we seek big bodies of water with abundant food possibilities.

The reason being that humanity is unlikely to descend from a tribe that lived in the jungle.
Humanity is an species that organizes in big scales, usually in fertile valleys and open planes.
So, a body of water like the Nile is perfect for our evolution.

Anyway, going to the main topic.
The proof that the conquest of the sub-saharan rainforest may have happened LATER.
Is because of that intrigression of Archaic Homo in West Africans.

That clearly supports the strong possibility that the jungle areas weren't occupied by Sapiens until our supremacy was guaranteed.

The Jebel Irhoud remains in Morocco make me think that such evolution was also coastal.
And most important, the vast Sahara(that during millenia switchs between desert and bushland) was also dominated to such extent.

We being in river, coast and land.

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