Military Power Ranking - 2023


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Ranking of military power, in 2023, by 'Global Firepower'.

The US in 1st, no surprise there.

The comparison between Ukraine and Russia is impressive. I don't know if they considered all the material provided by western countries to Ukraine, but even with that material they would not reach the Russian numbers. The Russians win in all indicators related to military power, with the exception of reserve personnel where they are tied, but even so they cannot impose themselves on the Ukrainians on the ground.
[FONT=&quot]This post is similar to Russian propaganda. Only Russian propagandists consider their army the second in the world. And most countries consider the Russian army second in Ukraine. After all, since the beginning of their invasion, the Russian army has only lost to the Ukrainian army. The help of Ukraine's partners, such as Lend-Lease, plays such a big role. As described in this article [/FONT][FONT=&quot], Lend Lease from the USA helped win the Second World War. Even now, I hope that Lend Lease will help Ukraine to win and the terrorist state Russia will collapse and be defeated.[/FONT]

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