Living cost in London?


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Anybody can help me in knowing the living cost in London? Because, I have to move to London next month behalf of our office?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Here I am going to share my uncle's opinion about the London, My uncle is lived in this country from many of the time, He was saying that living in London is not a big deal and it is not mush costly. So I think you should move into the London on the behalf of your Office. I am very much sure you will never become disappoint.
London is a great destination or travelling point of view. "I have been visited there at once in my life but I want to go there again for having fun. I like to share with you, its attraction London Eye and Tower of London. Had you seen ever in your life these attractions?
It's uber expensive, but you also earn quite a lot out there. Hard to stay longer out here on savings though.

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