Indo-European phylogenetics with R/David Goldstein/Indo-European Linguistics V8 I1


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I believe this article from September of last year has not been mentioned in the forum. My apologies if it has, I have not frequented much lately.

This fantastic article uses Statistics/R/ML and provides the codes for anyone to run and verify the results. Most importantly it provides visualizations which can be beneficial even to a layman like me. It is not behind a paywall, which makes it a bigger win.

Indo-European phylogenetics with R

A tutorial introduction

In: Indo-European Linguistics

Author: David Goldstein1
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Online Publication Date:07 Sep 2020In: Volume 8: Issue 1Article Type: Research Article
Pages: 110–180DOI:

Since nothing I can write further will add anything to this. I will just share one graphic in the hopes to get others to have a look at the full article.


Figure 25

MLE tree with bootstrap scores (NJ start tree)
Citation: Indo-European Linguistics 8, 1 (2020) ; 10.1163/22125892-20201000

This is figure 25, one gets the idea of how much more interesting graphics, and by deduction different approaches the author undertook for such an article. Best of all, along is the code for anyone to run it themselves or if they are familiar with R/ML, even tweak it.
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Not exactly the tree proposed by the "Language tree support an hybrid ..." IE thread.

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