I1 Haplogroup


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Hey guys this is my first post!

So my mtdna results are I1

The highest concentration of these people are Uppsala Sweden, and Pakistan.

I know my grandma is from Naples, Italy.

Can I assume that my ancient ancestors spread from Iran/pakistan (Indo-European group) and traveled up to Sweden (Vikings?) over thousands of years. In my particular case, they went to Italy afterward. Or is it just as likely that my maternal ancestors left Iran/pakistan and went directly Italy?
New member mtDNA I1a1c just submitted to GenBank. I was told I have an uncommon variant of this fairly rare subclade.
This group is so rare, But it does have some presence in Caucasus. Really wonder what the story is with it, seems to have been far more prominent during the neolithic in Europe. Probably spread with Agriculture and was later wiped out somehow.

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