How am I Baltic according to MyHeritage?


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Hello there!

I took a MyHeritage DNA test not long ago and my ethnicity estimation is as follows: 89.2% Iberian (Genetic groups are Germany, France, Netherlands and some other European countries and then Midwestern USA), 8.5% Baltic and 2.3% Askhenazi Jewish.

Now, I was sure I was going to get a high I Iberian percentage, seeing how most of my family comes from North Western Spain, but I was surprised at the Baltic percentage as well as the Askhenazi bit.

I do not know the Identity of my paternal grandmother's father (my great-grandfather). She was a single mother who had to flee her native town in Cantabria when she got pregnant at 17 and left for Barcelona. Seeing how 8.5 plus 2.3 adds up to the amount of DNA a person typically shares with a great-grandfather, could it be that my grandmother's unknown father was a Baltic Jewish man? That's the only explanation I can come up with, other than my being I1 haplogroup and clustering somewhat close with Germanic people makes MyHeritage take those parts of my DNA as non-Iberian and wrongfully classified as Baltic.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for your help. I can post gedmatch admixture calculator results if you so wish, if it is to be helpful in helping me clarify this.
I don't really like MyHeritage, the way they classify nationalities is weird and visibly incorrect.
Askenazi Jewish is something like europeanized Jewish, so being European and having some Jewish... Kind of make sense the Askenazi.

Then there's Baltic, there's a lot of Baltic, for some reason MyHeritage loves to give Baltic for everything that seems a bit Scandinavian/Slavic, I don't know, you have mtDNA U? I think DNA testing companies usually put it coming from Finland, which is just North of the Baltics.

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