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Very charming city, it reminds me of Florence expecially Lungarno
For comparison here's Florence Lungarno
ponte-vecchio-e-lungarni-di-firenze.jpg DSCF0004_2.JPG firenze.jpg

Strolling through the old part of Girona is not just walking down the dark narrow streets there are along the right bank of the River Onyar: it is allowing oneself to be captivated by the traces left by time in the form of architectural and cultural remains.

Girona has its origins in the lower Palaeolithic period; the Iberians, the Romans and the Moors, without forgetting the important Jewish community that lived in the city between the 9th and 15th centuries, are some of the peoples and cultures that successively occupied Girona. It is no wonder, then, that remains of all these civilisations fill each corner of the streets of the old part of the city. More than a thousand years of history come together in old Girona, which is built around the Cathedral, with a single nave, built between the 14th and 17th centuries. At the bottom of this temple is the Call, or Jewish quarter, a maze of streets in which the Centre Bonastruc ça Porta is notable.

The Romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, the ex-collegiate Gothic church of Sant Feliu, where the remains of Sant Narcís, the patron saint of the city are preserved, the archaeological walk, the city walls, the Arabian baths and the houses along the River Onyar are well worth a visit for those who love the silence that comes with the majesty of history.




Definitely one of the best surprises for those who think Spain is all about beaches. Girona has fantastic views over the surrounding mountains, it is a thriving university town and a hotbed of catalanism. Highly recommended for a couple of days away from the tourist-crowded beaches of Catalunya...
I agree, there are lots of romanic monuments ( 1000 years ago).
well, The arabic baths were built as an imitation, not because there were arabs living there or something.
well, The arabic baths were built as an imitation, not because there were arabs living there or something.


What are you trying to say

What are you trying to say

What im trying to say is that the arab baths in Girona were built in the 12th century, that's after 400 years that Islamic domination was thrown out of Catalonia, which means it was an imitation of culture, it would be like if we know build a Nordic style building. Not everything has to do with being dominated you know, cultures can be imported and imitated.
The Jewish quarter is one of the big attractions of Girona. And the Jewish quarter existed because there were Jewish people living in Girona (not an imitation).

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