GHIJK haplogroup is White


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We know the men that first carried certain haplogroups must have been White, only by looking at the appearence of descendants that derive 20,30,40%... of their ancestry from the tribes of those ancient men.

Then haplogroup I (Scandinavians, Germanics and Balkanics), hg N (Finns and Balts) and hg R (all Europeans) are ROUGHLY and in a lot of instances "White haplogroups".

But hg I has haplogroup J as closest branch (people in the Near East), hg N has hg O (E. Asians) and hg R has hg Q (Amerindians)
 In principle we 'should' conclude that the ancestors of these peoples were "brown men" (whatever that is).

Since they all are the closest relative of one White haplogroup.

We know someone White can have Brown children by admixing with a Brown woman, but a Brown man CAN'T HAVE WHITE CHILDREN through ADMIXING.

Thus we MUST conclude that haplogroup IJK always belonged to WHITE PEOPLE.
Most likely haplogroup GHIJK altogether, since G and H are very close to IJK and G peaks in the nations Caucasus, who are the palest in the Middle East (they've been part of a European country, the USSR).

With mt-DNA haplogroup R is the same, HV peaks in Iraq, basal JT exists in a Yemeni island near Africa (Socotora).
These, along with haplogroup K, exist in 90% of ethnic Europeans and their ancestry (EEF) peaks in the South.
And yet, the racial difference between North and South Europe is very small.

That 90% don't look like Arabs from Iraq or Yemen, whom, TODAY, look somewhat africanized.

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