Gene Genies: Inside Revolutionary Bio-Tech that Can Edit DNA Inside Living Humans


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John Leonard built Intellia Therapeutics with Jennifer Doudna, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who pioneered gene editing technology. The company has figured out how to alter disease-causing genes inside patients, but before any breakthrough treatments come, it must first cure itself of its legal and financial ills.

Many companies use Crispr, a revolutionary method of precisely editing DNA which was the basis for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2020, to snip disease-causing genes in the lab and then inject the “fixed” cells back into patients. Intellia does that too. But it is its other gene editing platform which has grabbed eyeballs at Wall Street. The $3.6 billion market cap company has figured out how to use Cripsr outside of the lab, inside a living human. Their work could have major implications in developing new drugs for genetic diseases that currently only have limited or no treatments. “Intellia is the first to do in vivo genome editing in a systemic manner. I think that's the real differentiating factor for me,” says Jack Allen, senior analyst at Baird Equity Research.

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