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A thread to suggest new famous R1a individuals. My own first suggestion is the outlaw Jesse James. A descendant of his grandfather reverend John Martin James (1775-1827) has tested R1a on the James Y-DNA project

These two I have posted before, but I will mention them here again for the sake of order:

Alexander Pushkin, according to the R1a page of poreklo.rs

Ben Carson (American surgeon and politician), according to the book "Finding Your Roots" (2014) p. 81-2.
Thanks! I have added them to the list of famous R1a. I checked Jesse James's haplotype in Nevgen and it is R1a-Y2395>Z284>L448>CTS4179>YP386.
Thanks! I have added them to the list of famous R1a. I checked Jesse James's haplotype in Nevgen and it is R1a-Y2395>Z284>L448>CTS4179>YP386.

Great! By the way, I think Carson is totally the Max von Sydow type.
The Vlahopoulos family seen to be R1a-Z280-Y2613, it was the family of Nikolaos Vlahopoulos, Aristotelis,and other generals of Greece during the wars of Independence, against turkish.We have a dude from Greece Epirus that has this clade.
Also, prince Droutskoy-Sokolinsky, suppose to been a Rurikidean, was R1a-Z280-YP3929, i dont know even it could be consider. We have Rurikideans in N1c,I2, R1a-M458 and even R1a-Z280.
We have a cousin of Boris Grinchenko that was R1a-YP3929 indeed, from Zyubrykha. He was a russian writer.
One possible R1a individual was British historian Arnold Toynbee. 3 men are listed on the Toynbee DNA Project at FTDNA, all of them R1a. It cannot be proven that Arnold Toynbee belongs to the same lineage of any of these, however, it is a rare surname, and the historian's family was originally from Lincolnshire, also the origin of one of the families whose DNA has been tested (the other two were from the London area).
American writer Ambrose Bierce belonged to haplogroup R1a. He was descended from Captain Augustine Bearse (1618-1686), an early settler of Massachusetts. According to the news page of FTDNA's Bearse DNA Project, four descendants of Augustine through 2 different sons have have been shown to be R1a1.

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Max von Sydow (R-Y78850)[/h]Max von Sydow was a Swedish-French actor. He had a 70-year career in European and American cinema, television, and theatre, appearing in more than 150 films and several television series in multiple languages.
[h=3]J. R. R. Tolkien (R-Y42738)[/h]John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was an English writer, poet, philologist, and academic, and is best known as the author of the fantasy works The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He is widely considered to be the “father” of modern high fantasy fiction.
king bella the III of the arpad dynasty was r1a


The ancient Hungarians, "Madzsars", established their control of the Carpathian Basin in the late ninth century and founded the Hungarian Kingdom around 1000AD. The origin of the Magyars as a tribal federation has been much debated in the past. From the time of the conquest to the early fourteenth century they were ruled by descendants of the Arpad family. In order to learn more about the genetic origin of this family, we here analyzed the genome of Bela III one of the most prominent members of the early Hungarian dynasty that ruled the Hungarian Kingdom from 1172 to 1196. The Y-Chromosome of Bela III belongs to haplogroup R1a-Z2123 that is today found in highest frequency in Central Asia, supporting a Central Asian origin for the ruling lineage of the Hungarian kingdom. The autosomal DNA profile of Bela III, however, falls within the genetic variation of present-day east European populations. This is further supported through his mtDNA genome that belongs to haplogroup H, the most common European maternal lineage, but also found in Central Asia. However, we didn't find an exact haplotype match for Bela III. The typical autosomal and maternal Central Eastern European ancestry among Bela III autosomes might be best explained by consecutive intermarriage with local European ruling families.


his specific branch under r1a :


source :

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very likely that this great basketball player is r1a-z93
after a 23andme test of a person with same surname and same region
of his paternal line ;)

Дончић, Јовањдан, Бича, Клина, R1a-Z93 (извор: 23andMe)

Дончићи су староседеоци у овом крају, а од ове породице води порекло кошаркаш Даласа и репрезентације Словеније, Лука Дончић. Подграна R1a-Z93 се веома ретко јавља код Срба.

translate :

Dončić, Jovanjdan, Biča, Klina, R1a-Z93 (source: 23andMe)

The Dončićs are natives of this region, and the basketball player of Dallas and the Slovenian national team, Luka Dončić, originates from this family. Subbranch R1a-Z93 occurs very rarely in Serbs.




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