European mixture dominates in Latin America


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Haplogroups C and D dominate among certain areas of Latin America. But those are the places where there were never Amerindian civizations: the Amazon, N.Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile...
In all of those places there's an extra of Spanish ancestry.

While those descendent from N(Hp A) dominate the Valley of Mexico and the southern part of the country, which are both a hotspot of population and Indigenous.

And the even more indigenous Andes is basically haplogroup B, not only descended from N, but also from R.

Long story short, wherever there's a shortage of European admixture among Latinos, there's a lot of haplogroup N'R, which peaks among Caucasians...

The ancestry structure is clearly shifted in favor of Europeans.
Well, makes sense doesn't it? Of those not killed directly by conquerors, many died of our diseases, to which they had no immunity.

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