Education in Europe and Japan : very different problems

Considering the problems of the education system in Europe and Japan, first of all, you need to start with the difference between mentality and people's attitudes to various kinds of problems. In fact, it is difficult to compare, since Japan is a closed country and to me personally, it looks more like a separate planet. After all, the difference between Europeans and Japanese is colossal in everything. I was so interested in it at the university that I even wrote a work in which I compared the history and culture of Japan and Europe and it was very interesting it was to learn new things. But as then there were not so many materials about Japan, I used the favourite service that typing assignments for money and then I published on my blog look this site, just take a look at it. It was the best work in the group.
Over the past year, a lot has changed in the education system in all countries
In Japanese schooling system teachers are not qualified in subjects which they have to teach, because a teacher usually teaches some irrelevant subjects such as English teacher teaching science or maths, but in Europe every teacher must have a university degree in that particular subject which he wants to teach.

They do need proper qualifications to teach core subjects such as science, math and English. But when it comes to secondary subjects such as art and technology or geography, teachers with proper qualifications are in short supply. Oftentimes, math teachers also do IT classes without a degree in IT.

The biggest problem with the Japanese school system is strict school rules. Dating is strictly prohibited in most schools, which may contribute to the country's low birth rate as students grow up believing that dating is a sin, while teachers behave like drill sergeants toward students to enforce school rules. Because of the oppressive nature of teacher-student relationships, students cannot enjoy school life and they don't dream about becoming a teacher.

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