Do you like the Eiffel Tower ?

Do you like the Eiffel Tower ?

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  • Quite nice, definitely one of the best sights in Paris

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  • Not bad, but nothing to fuss over

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Funny Face (1956) Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire(Austerlitz)

When the Eiffel Tower was first constructed, many people regarded it as an obnoxious symbol of modernism and industrialist brutalism. It was only after the Eiffel Tower had been there for a few decades that it generally came to be regarded as a beloved symbol of Paris.
I have French ancestry; I never really thought much of it. It's ok, but I think it is kind of overrated.
Locals have always had a jaded view of their landmarks. In Hong Kong I never thought too much about the Star Ferries nor the Gateway of India in Bombay nor the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, Toy Trains in Darjeeling when I was in India nor the CN Tower when I was in Tironto nor Picasso's Bird by the Mayor Daley's courtyard. But when I left those places they seemed more worthy. Maybe it is the distance or not seeing it so often. Familiarity breeds contempt, I guess.

They are going to add wind turbine(s) to the Eiffel Tower.

Maybe France could enter a public/private contract with the Disney Corporation to have them do the reno to make it more appealing to American tourists, with bright lights and maybe a casino or water slide.

Let's hope nobody takes that suggestion seriously. The Eiffel Tower is now old enough to be architecturally interesting just as it is.
I am not a fan of private-public financing. BC's previous Premier Gordon Campbell (now Canada's representative in Britain) accomplished a lot using that strategy before the 2010 Winter Olympics. However, it created a resort town situation where multi-millionaires buy up real estate just to ski in Whistler in the winter. Real estate in Vancouver is the highest in the world only after Hong Kong i.e. P/E Ratio Price/Earnings(Income) is out of line unless the buyers are offshore or investment companies. the rario is over 100:1. I don't have the figures with me right now.

The Lower Mainland is separated by rivers and a lot of bridges need to be built and a lot of old bridges are also need to be replaced. The province really got screwed when Campbell turned crown corporations into private companies. Prices are going up and the BC Liberals (not really liberal but conservative, a misnomer I would say) cut a lot of services a la Stephen Harper.

The Portman Bridge is a problem as it was a private-publicly financed and people are avoiding the bridge as there is a charge of $3 for each crossing. Everyone is using the Potulla (?) Bridge which is quite decrepit.
I hope you realize I was being sarcastic. Public/private partnerships have always been about private corporations looting the public purse while ignoring public interests. I hope the disease doesn't spread to the Eiffel Tower. And it wasn't my intention to take the thread off topic - it was just a passing remark about two possible dangers (the Disneyfying of venerable landmarks and corporations seeing public renovation projects as as opportunity to loot and pillage).
Ha, I remember Disney taking over the Mounties' image!

I vaguely remember seeing an old movie where a con artist had pocket-sized replicas of the Eiffel Tower that he was smuggling.

Have no fear of the Eiffel Tower's demise as even a Bollywood movie has scenes in the Eiffel Tower.

I prefer artistic crafting as the Statue of Liberty, instead of steel construction.
Yes, I like Eiffel Tower very much. It is a nice way to explore the beauty of Paris. This Tower is the most famous landmark in this country. I am very happy to join this community. It is filled with my interest. I can easily learn many things here. Thanks to make me a member of this great community.
There is no doubt in it that Eiffel tower is a place where visitors can enjoy freely. My uncle have visited many of the time with his family and had great time there. He was saying that I should go there, But at that time I want to get little information about the place.
I can assume that how big lover you are about the Eiffel Tower. I would like to see some images that maybe you captured there during your tour and also like to know about your memories which you made there.
many french did not like it at the time it was build! the plan was to demolish it two years after it was build. artistically i dont think is an achievment that can not be replicated. but now that tower is a milestone of an era! like piramids! that makes it a unique tower
Yes, I do, not my favourite Paris monument though
Think it is a total monstrosity, incongruent with the architecture of the city.
I think it is an original monument. The London Eye, on the other hand, looks horrible like some kind of boring Ferris wheel. I am going to share this thread to my kith and kin that they know about that. I've heard it's said to be the most visited tourist attraction in the world, if that's true I don't know, but I'm sure it's a good moneymaker. Why would anyone want a panoramic view of London, I don't know. Maybe they'll double their revenue if they let people jump off the top.
I like it, of course I have never been there, but if I have the opportunity to visit France, I will definitely visit the Eiffel Tower
Yes. I'm currently in Paris, and I live near it, so I see it every day. And each time I see it I'm amazed of how gorgeous it looks, and how it suits the city. Paris is my fav city, so that I love everything here

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