Development of Communist Theory


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If neither Marx or Engels never lived and written the books
they did, former Soviet Union and China would probably be conducting
their governmental systems in a different manner. Defined by Marx and
Engels, the communist theory can be summed up in the single phrase:
abolition of private property (Engels, Marx 80). Communists are
distinguished by the lower working class which will rise to overthrow
the higher supreme class (Engels, Marx 80). The second distinction can
be found in the struggle of the proletariats against the Bourgeoisie,
or the higher class (Engels, Marx 80).

Marx and Engels state that society as a whole is more and more
splitting up into the great hostile camps, or opposing classes; the
Proletariats and the Bourgeoisie (Engels, Marx 58). Political power,
property so called is merely the organized power of one class
oppressing another (Engels, Marx 95). "Communism deprives no man of
the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is
to deprive him of the power to subjugate the labor of others by means
of such appropriation (Engels, Marx 86)."

Communists do not form a separate party opposed to other
working class parties. There are ten measures needed to convert to
communism (Engels, Marx 94). 1. Abolition of property in land and
application of all rents of land to the public. 2. Heavy progressive
income tax. 3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance. 4. Confiscation
of the property of all emigrants and rebels. 5. Centralizing of credit
in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with a state
capital. 6. Centralizing of the means of communication and
transportation in the hands of the state. 7. Factories and production
owned by the state and cultivation of wastelands. 8. Equal liability
of all labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for
agriculture. 9. Combining agriculture and manufacturing industries;
abolition of distinction between town and country by a more equal
distribution of the population. 10. Free education for all children in
public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor (Engels, Marx
94). According to Marx and Engels these were the ten steps to follow
if you wanted your country to convert to communism.

Marx and Engels had their influence in modern ideology because
heads of state put their ideas into action in their own countries
(Hacker 516). Words and phrases taken from Marx and Engels' writings
clearly constitute the ideology framework of communist power (Hacker
516). The former Soviet Union, China, and lesser communist states all
claim to be guided by Marxist principles (Hacker 512). "It would be
wrong to say that two nineteenth century political theorists are
responsible for the course of communism today. Communist leaders of
the twentieth are responsible for keeping alive Marxist ideology
(Hacker 516)."

Communist leaders have elected to utilize the books,
pamphlets, letters and speeches of Marx and Engels as their official
doctrine (Hacker 513). The leaders in communist states use perceptions
of Marxism as merely an aid in motivating their citizens for the
pursuit of political goals (Hacker 516). While Communist leaders
dictate the words of Marx and Engels, they, themselves are the ones to
make and carry out plans (Hacker 516). The fact of the matter is that
communist leaders are the interpreters of that Marxist ideology in
their countries (Hacker 516).

It has been proven that Plato had an influence on Rousseau,
and Rousseau on Hugel, and Hugel on Marx and Engels (Hacker 515). The
strength in an ideology is lies not only in its content of ideas but
also in the spirit that moves it (Hacker 516). Obviously Marx and
Engels wanted their ideas to be put to use. They condensed their
theory so that their messages would move men to revolutionary activity
(Hacker 515). Had a soviet power never emerged, the contribution of
Marx and Engels to political theory would still be a major one (Hacker

In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
applied the term communism to a final stage of socialism in which all
class differences would disappear (Payne 421). They declared that the
course of history was discovered by the clash of opposing forces
(Payne 421). These forces were rooted in the economic system and the
ownership of property (Payne 421). The struggle between the
Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat would end when the socialists started
a revolution and attained a full communistic government (Payne 423).

If the leaders of present day communist countries and the
former communist countries were not guided by the principles of Marx
and Engels they operation of the countries past and present would most
definitely be different. It is true that each leader runs his country
his own way, but the bottom line is that the foundation of their
communist rule is rooted in the works of Marx and Engels. Without
these two men the entire basis of communism and communist principles
would be non-existent.


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Ghost said:
If neither Marx or Engels never lived and written the books
they did, former Soviet Union and China would probably be conducting
their governmental systems in a different manner.
If neither of them lived someone else would have taken their place. I just love how modern authors, who want us to believe in a certain way, leave out some crucial information that can only be found in books outside of University libraries and such.

The origins of communism can trace its roots back to the middle ages and the Carbonari, or charcoal burners, of Italy of the Middle Ages. The Carbonari can trace their roots back to Scotland and the secret societies of the Masons and the Illuminati.

In the interest of time I'll quote a passage from the book, Rule By Secrecy, by Jim Marrs

Under the leadership of Karl Marx The International Working Men's Association, or better known as the First International, the direct forerunner of communism, convened in London in 1864.

Marx was born in 1818 in Trier, Germany, to Heinrich and Henrietta Marx, both descended from a long line of Jewish rabbis. To deter anti-Semitism, both Karl and his father were baptized in the Evangelical Established Church. And both were greatly influenced by the humanism of the Age of Enlightenment.

Following his graduation from the University of Bonn, Marx enrolled in the University of Berlin in 1836 where he joined a secret society called the Doctor Club. ALthough he had earlier expressed devout Christian ideals, Marx moved from a belief that the Christian Gospels were "human fantasies arising from emotional needs" to outright atheism.

In 1843 Marx married and moved to Paris, a hotbed of socialism and extremist groups known as communists. It was in Paris that Marx befriended Friedrich Engels, scion of a well-to-do English textile mill owner. MArx and Engels both became confirmed communists and collaborated in writing a number of revolutionary pamphlets and books, the most famous being three volumes discussing capital, Das Kapital. Ironically, it was Engels-the capitalist's son-who would financially subsidize MArx-the champion of the working class-most of his life.

Engels had been converted to socialist humanism by Moses Hess, called the "communist rabbi," and by Robert Owen, a utopian socialist and spiritualist openly hostile to traditional religion.

Marx and Engels eventually moved to Brussels and then on to London, where in 1847 they joined another secret society called the League of the Just, composed primarily of German emigrants, many of whom were thought to be escaped members of the outlawed Illuminati.

The group soon changed it's name to the Communist League and Marx along with Engels produced it's famous proclimation, The Communist Manifesto.

Marx's manifesto set forth the ten immediate steps to create an ideal communist state....

In 1848 Marx failed to incite a socialist revolution in Prussia and, after evading prison, returned to London. Personality clashes, petty bickering, and fractious fights over ideology prevented the Communist League from becoming an effective force. Militant factions chided Marx for being more concerned with speeches than revolutions, and he gradually withdrew into isolation which only ended with his attendance at the 1864 First International.

Marx's life of struggle and poverty made a tremendous impact on world history by providing a philosophical platform for the modern secret societies based on the tenets of the older ones. He died of apparent lung abcesses on March 14, 1883, depressed over the suicides of his two daughters, and just two months after the death of his wife.

It is clear that Communism did not spring spontaneously from poor, downtrodden masses of workers, but was the result of long-range schemes and intrigues by secret societies. "There is no proletarian, not even Communist, movement that has not operated in the interests of money...and without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact," wrote German philospher Oswald Spengler, author of The Decline of the West.
It is quite evident that Marx failed. His mantle was just picked up by others and he was placed on a pedestal because he wrote the Communist Manifesto which was used by other leaders to supress the masses and he has been heralded as the father of communism when such is not the case.

Call it what you will, Communism or Democracy, Democratic or Republican, Labour or Conservative, they are both two sides of the same coin run by the wealthy elite with different ideas on how society should be run. It has been going on for hundreds of years and will continue to do so until the average person discovers what the game is. As of yet the masses are still being duped and have not figured it out yet.

The majority just believe what is shown in seven second sound bites on the evening news and they really believe one or the other party has their interests at stake. Hellooooo! Wake up people! The only interests at stake are their own. They couldn't care less about you. As long as you are working to further their interests, they will keep you in debt, give you easy credit, convince you to buy the latest technology or that you really should have that SUV or 42" Plasma TV because everyone else has it, further putting you into debt, entertain you with Michael Jackson or American Idol or Big Brother, and make sure you are too busy working to pay off your debt to really know what is going on in the real world. Why is it that gasoline prices in the US have nearly doubled in the past year and no one says a word? I thought so.
Being a community person is nice!

Fortunately for most of the world's population, they have no particular concern for 'democracy', 'communism', 'capitalism', 'human rights', and so on.

What they are in concern are the following:

- Eat

- Drink

- Clothed to protect them from the enviroment

- Shelter to protect them from the enviroment

- Breed

And they plenty much take care of themself, no need to take care of others, unless it's needed, because who knows, maybe you can use the resources of your other fellowmen.

Even if you gave them T.V., radio, newspapers, and so on. They would still have little understanding or even pay attention, that's why there are efforts to 'educate' the world.

That's one of the reasons the Party can't control the Proles in "1984", the Party can only use them as resources. The Party don't hurt the Proles, the Proles don't hurt the Party. The only miserable members of the population are the Party members, both Inner Party members and Outer Party members.

As for gasoline price.

Well... Actually if we used the economic model that were teached in school, gasoline price is waaaaay too cheap. The thing that made it cheap is so that the people can used them, and of course overuse them. From overuse, conflicts arise.

Another reason gasoline price is cheap is probably that, there's a cheap way to sell gasoline cheap. What ever way it is used, it's certainly not teached in school.

As for being showered in wealth.

That's one of the ways to raise conflict of interest.

Showered one with wealth, shield another from it. If the two developed jealousy, conflicts bound to rise.

Showered a certain community with wealth and they will distanced against each other, since they are too busy with their wealth.

And so on.

The secret to handle this kind of attack is... well, the above. Eat, drink, clothed, sheltered, and breed. That's all you need.
I disagree Digicross. It is the people that refuse to live that ordinary life that help us to progress.

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