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Whaaaat? that sole vcf you've got is useless, it totally makes sense now they keep on delaying/stalling , something went wrong either in the sequencing process or with your sample. I have nearly 20k chrY positions in my raw.snp.vcf, if I add the ones from the raw.indel.vcf it goes around 23.9k
I knew my HG from previous tests, Dante's confirmed, and refined my previous results, it came with more SNP, my the analysis and comparison with other relevant kits being done by an enthusiast member of a group. Till he will get his BigY700 upgraded results, it appears that my VCF is the reference for comparisons in my tiny subclade.
As Andrea Riposati replied earlier today on the FB group it appears that all those members from "Dante Labs customers" FB group who requested HG38 realignment will get it for free ( of course once they will have the .bam's delivered on hard drives, I assume from China's sequncing lab).
I really think you should ask for a refund and see what offer they'd come with, if it was their fault, I just hope they will come to you with a good offer.

Good news! After almost two years of waiting since I ordered test, a year and a half since I get VCF file, Dante Labs has provided BAM and FASTA files!
That's great news Vlade, have you checked yet bam's coverage and if it is a new sequencing (150bp Illumina lower coverage around 90GBases) or they finally recovered your data from BGI ( typically 100bp higher coverage around 120GBases and above)

Got my STR's from yfull 3 months after the initial results becoming available and when I placed the payment and I have to say that STR's wise Dante's sequencing is not that great, I miss most of my multiple markers. So I decided to go for a BigY700 aswell, just got the sample kit few days ago from ftDNA

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