Comparison of teachers' salaries across Europe


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Euronews : Real teacher salaries in Europe are down. Which countries pay the highest and lowest wages?

This article has a very detailed analysis of teachers' salaries at pre-school, primary and secondary level by country, comparing:
  • Average annual gross actual salaries
  • Annual gross statutory starting salaries in PPS (purchasing power standard)
  • Ratio of annual gross actual salaries of teachers to GDP per capita
  • Change in teachers’ statutory starting salaries between 2014/2015 and 2021/2022
  • Proportion of primary teachers who are satisfied with their salary (2018)
The highest gross salaries were in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Ireland.

However, once adjusted to the cost of life, teachers' salaries in Turkey were the 4th highest (after Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland), while Belgium and Spain also did quite well. Belgium ranked 5th for upper secondary teachers and Spain 6th or 7th at every level of education.

I made a map showing the gross starting salaries of primary school teachers adjusted for purchasing power standard.


In the last 7 years, salaries increased the most in Bulgaria (+116% at all levels) and Lithuania (from +42% to +145%), followed by Latvia, Serbia and Montenegro. Salaries fell the most in Norway (-7% to - 22%), Greece (-10%) and Portugal (-9%).

Young teachers (<30 years old) were generally satisfied with their salaries in Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria and Finland. It was also the case for older teachers (>50 years old) in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Cyprus.

Teachers least satisfied with their salaries were those in Malta, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania for both younger and older teachers, and also Italy and Croatia for older teachers.

The teaching profession appears to be most valued in Finland, Cyprus, Romania and the Netherlands, and least valued in Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and France.
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