Bronze Age treasures from Hungary


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"ARCHAEOLOGISTS FROM THE SZENT ISTVÁN KIRÁLY MUSEUM HAVE EXCAVATED BRONZE AGE TREASURES IN A CEMETERY NEAR THE TOWN OF MÁNY IN HUNGARY.[/h]Excavations were in preparation for the construction of the M100 motorway, revealing a cemetery containing a small number of high-status burials that date from the Bronze Age.
The team found 8 burials, with one notable burial containing the remains of a young woman no older than 20 years of age.
She was buried with 38 ornate gold and bronze decorative objects, such as gold rings, torcs, spiral armlets, a gold hair ring, in addition to several small ceramic pots.
The researchers believe that the woman was buried with rings on each of her fingers, indicating that she was a wealthy individual who held a high social status in her community.
The items also represents an advanced knowledge of metal working, revealing new insights into the clothing and accessories worn by the Bronze Age inhabitants of the region thousands of years ago."

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