Apricity is down?

This person is a complete mentally unstable nutjob, I'd stay away from her: https://www.theapricity.com/forum/member.php?u=10664 , her username is Jana/Feiichy. Spreads all kinds of fake theories and information about Albanians. Has a weird fetish for Serbo-Chetnik fake history and propaganda. And claims they should be pitied. One of the most mentally unstable and incompetent people I have seen.
In some of her posts claims there were no Albanians in Kosovo until 1690 :lol:
Claims Serbs revolted against the Ottoman Empire in Kosovo when the texts say Albanians under the leadership of Pjeter Bogdani :lol:
Claims 40k Serb refugees left that place when most of these areas were literally Islamised except for some of the eastern parts . And Serbs were actually never invited to Hungary but encouraged to stay and fight but they ran away while Albanians stood and fought.
I pointed out that it is false history and this nut job started getting aggressive towards me and started saying Serbs should be pitied :lol:
This person is nuts. Most of the people in that place are nuts. Once they learn something false they seem to have a hard time unlearning it even when you post evidence :lol: I have never in my life seen such dumb people. Believes Chetnik propaganda that explain the historical presence of Albanians in Dardania through constant immigration from Albania proper . Really weird person that has some kind of weird fetish for Serbs. I fought out this person actually has some Serb ancestry so now everything makes sense. Talks with great passion about Serbs and Russians and even defends them but when it comes to the Kurds who have no independent homeland ''who cares, life is unfair'' :lol: Such an incredible disgusting person that spreads Chetnik propaganda 24/7. Those Serbian nationalists are even more funny, Albanians live rent free in their heads 24/7 , deny any historical presence of Albanians in these terrirotires :lol:
Not to mention Austrian-Ottoman wars affected all populations due to diseases and war and Albanians lost some of their population in Kosovo due that. Also 60k+ Albanians were expelled out of the Toplica area etc where an Albanian population goes back to at least the medieval period but it's these Chetniks that should be pitied haha. The fetish these disgusting people have for these Chetniks is hilarious. We can see the obvious biased agenda behind it all. Some kind of glorious suffering nation, defenders of europe xD

(Created a nationalist cult and invented stories out of that place in the 19th-20th century and their propaganda reached every single corner in the world)

That place isliterally filled with Nazis.
It is down again. That place was a shit hole. Those Balkan Slavs there were a bunch of mentally unstable nut jobs. What they would do is basically manipulate the facts and drag you down to their level. And even worse is how they lie and manipulate the facts.

Some people who think they are Illyrian when they don't even have the same lineage as these Illyrians nor do they even plot there. Claim they lived in the Balkans before Albanians. This is literally what they claim. Most of their Balkan DNA basically just comes from Albanians, Romanians, Aromanians, Dalmatians etc . People that had some weird obsession with Illyrians when many of these Roman samples don't even plot there. Not even that E-V13 from Naissus which is more Thracian shifted. That Croat female member was even more mentally unstable. Claims her people are Illyrians in some of her older posts , and then accuses Albanians of attacking her for questioning their ancestry when all her posts are based on personal agendas. She even attacked some Albanian female there verbally almost over nothing and some other Albanian members over their DNA results. Definitely some weird fucks. I'd stay away from that place.

There was also some Macedonian who opened up threads years ago about Albanians. Some dude who lives in Australia with a Slavic Y-DNA yet claim they are Ancient Macedonians. They don't even have the same lineage as these samples found in Macedonia. Its basically just a bunch of Albanian-Vlach sperm donation and some other.

That place is in generally filled with nazis who live in their own delusional world. I'm so glad that shit hole is down. Even nut jobs supporting Russian invasion of Ukraine and accusing western world of being imperialists.
Its the same in anthroworld, but instead of balkans, its mexican weaboos who will ban you for saying mexicans cant pass for japanese

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