30 Years War and Land Ownership in Rural Europe

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Recently I have been digging through archives on Ancestry.com discovered a "Don / Donna" set of Grandparents (Flammia) from the late 1700s. With most of my other ancestry being tennant farmers I was curious and did more digging. I found the the Campobianco family a few generations back (1600s) also with the designation of "Don", as well as "Signor". It was the generations between that were the most interesting. The Campobianco family (Emmanuel Campobianco Signor 1680-1740) married (Ann Winters-Homans b.1685) who's parents both born in Sudlohn, Borken, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. In another tree it stated that her father Joan Winters was born in Prussia. This would fit the time period and factions of the 30 year war?
Was it common for Catholic Germans to immigrate to Southern Europe and buy land?
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Was it common for Catholic Germans to immigrate to Southern Europe and buy land?

I'm from Spain. And even I'm not very much in the topic.
I found that in order to bring more professionals and capitalists, merchants, artisans... that maybe have experience from Europe.
It was typical for the crown to grant citizenship(maybe entire towns to settlers?) to foreigners.
Starting in the XVI century. Colombus from Geneva. The Habsburg dinasty was of Austrian origin, and Charles V was Flemish. He came with Flemish courtisans.

The Netherlands were the artisan hub of the posessions of the Crown.
Then came the French Bourbon dinasty.

And with them are those news of settlers of northern Europe to develop the land in more 'modern' ways. Of allowing artisans.

Even in the Americas there were some English merchants.
Well I noticed that the kingdom of Spain was in control of both Southern Italy as well as parts of North Western Germany during this period. All that does is show movement between kingdoms did infact take place.

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