1. Maciamo

    Immigration Sweden or how to destroy a country through poor immigration policy

    Sweden is one of the world's most liberal, permissive and tolerant countries. Until not so long ago it was one of the safest countries in the world and one of the most egalitarian. But the naive immigration policy of its socialist politicians have destroyed all this. Sweden now has one of the...
  2. Jovialis

    Skulls on Stakes and Cranial Trauma in Mesolithic Sweden

    Keep your head high: skulls on stakes and cranial trauma in Mesolithic Sweden Abstract The socio-cultural behaviour of Scandinavian Mesolithic hunter-gatherers has been difficult to understand due to the dearth of sites thus far investigated. Recent excavations at Kanaljorden in Sweden...
  3. Maciamo

    An analysis of Scandinavian Y-DNA

    I have just updated the Y-DNA frequencies for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The sample sizes are now respectively 613, 1323 and 2826, including the FTDNA projects for each country. I didn't use the data from the Scandinavian DNA Project and the Viking DNA Project as I didn't feel like checking for...
  4. Maciamo

    Retracing the mtDNA genealogy of Valdemar I of Sweden (haplogroup Z1a)

    As already reported in Haplogroups of European kings and queens, Malmström et al. (2011) tested the mtDNA King Valdemar I of Sweden (1239–1302) and his brother, King Magnus III of Sweden (1240-1290). Both were found to belong to Y-DNA haplogroup I1 and mtDNA haplogroup Z1a. The two kings were...