1. Maciamo

    Common English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese words of Arabic origin

    Wikipedia has list of words of Arabic origin by language. But these lists are typically long and include plenty of rare and arcane words, or words that are specific to Arabic culture or to Islam. Other words came from Persian (e.g. assassin, aubergine, candy, caravan, cheque, chess, lemon, lime...
  2. Maciamo

    Different suffixes in Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese

    If you already speak one Romance language, learning another one is going to be relatively easy. The grammar is basically the same and over 80% of the vocabulary is shared. The lexical similarity is even 89% between Spanish and Portuguese, and also 89% between Italian and French. But there are...
  3. Maciamo

    Spanish, Portuguese and French words that changed gender from Latin

    A great advantage of being a native speaker of a Romance language is that the gender (masculine or feminine) is the same in over 99% of cases in other Romance languages, which makes learning them much easier than for speakers of non-Romance languages (and English, which is half-Romance but lost...
  4. Maciamo

    K12b Genome-wide genetic analysis of Iberians from the Neolithic to the Early Middle Ages

    I have written a Genetic analysis of Ancient Iberia, in which I ran the Dodecad K12b admixtures for most of the good quality samples from the Neolithic to the Early Middle Ages and computed average values (a modal) by era. I then compared these modals to modern populations using Vahaduo.
  5. edao

    R-L48 in Portugal?

    Hello, I finally got around to getting my 23andMe test done and have some questions. My Paternal Haplogroup is R-L48. My father is Portuguese, but googling R-L48 people are talking about Germanic origins. Looking at the ancestry data from 23andMe it says I most likely have a French/German...
  6. T

    Curious about my Iberian ascendancy

    I'm 15 years old, carrier of Brazilian and Portuguese citizen, and i am very interested about my genetics, but if i can, i will be proceed fast to post one. My father family has descendancy of sephardic enslaver farmers of the southeast of Brazil(they have gone through hundred years of...
  7. B

    E1b1b E-M81 in Iberia: Neolithic, Phoenician or Moorish ?

    Did we reach a conclusion? Is more Neolithic, Phoenician or Moorish in Iberia? http://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_E1b1b_Y-DNA.shtml
  8. S

    Vikings in Portugal

    I want to know what my forum colleagues think about this matter since it is something that not even portuguese know about or they do not care. Well I want to know the opinion of people here that know a lot more than I do about genetics and anthropology and than when they do I'll say what I have...
  9. S

    autosomal dna in north portugal

    Well I just want to know if there is any data or study on northern portuguese autosomical dna. I am curious since this area is known for less neolithic continuity and more germanic tribes settleling in the area such as the suebi.
  10. S

    request to maciamo to put portugal's haplogroup table by regions

    I an here to ask maciamo to put the portuguese table by regions like spain and italy because the country isn't that homogeneous For example a person from the Algarve is way different from one from trás os montes as a person from trás os montes is different from a person of the minho and etc...
  11. S

    suebi y-dna input in north portugal and galicia

    So I wonder why there is so much I(y-dna) in the braga region as portraied by beleza et al because there is ~18% of I(y-dna). I also know that this city was the capital of the suebi kingdom in galicia and noth portugal but in this specific area there is much more I(y-dna) than even in some parts...
  12. Maciamo

    Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula

    I would like to announce that I have just published a Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula. It may still need a few corrections, but otherwise I think it is reasonably comprehensive. Your feedback is welcome.
  13. B

    Party in portugal

    Hello I travel around the world and i am a photographer. i take photos of scenery and events. I recommend Lisbon, Portugal if you're planning to have a party. I am not advertising the country but telling that the city is the great place to have a party. I stayed 4 days and 3 nights. i also...
  14. Maciamo

    Estimating Germanic Y-DNA in Iberia

    Spain and Portugal are fairly well studied countries for Y-chromosomal lineages. Unfortunately no study so far has tested for the Germanic S21/U106 subclade of R1b, and few papers even distinguish subclades of I (those who did only tested for I2a1a-M26). I have analysed the raw data from Adams...
  15. edao

    Os Grandes Portugueses | The Greatest Portuguese

    Who are considered the greatest Portuguese? A public poll contest organized by the Portuguese public broadcasting station RTP and hosted by Maria Elisa. The final vote took place on March 25, 2007, the winner being António de Oliveira Salazar, Portugal's dictator between 1932 and 1968...