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    Chess and Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon connection

    Haven't posted as much lately, please excuse my sparse commentary... but I figure it's time to spice things up again. Anyone else notice a connection between world class chess figures and "more primitive" or maybe more masculine facial features? By this I mean a pronounced brow ridge, broader...
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    Harvard professor wants Neanderthal baby?

    I haven't seen this posted yet on Eupedia, and it's been making the media rounds here in the U.S.--apparently Harvard Medical Sciences professor George Church is seeking an "adventurous" woman to birth a Neanderthal baby using ancient DNA samples. He has since walked this back claiming an...
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    roswell and a scandinavian race

    The Roswell incident was the alleged crash landing of alien spacecraft in the desert. Many witnesses have come forward and claimed to have seen a crashed flying saucer and alien bodies. In reality the roswell incident was a goverment hoax. It was designed to make you believe conciously or...