1. Maciamo

    Retracing the mtDNA genealogy of Louis XVI (haplogroup N1b)

    UPDATE : a new study by Larmuseau et al. (2013) disproved that the blood tested by Lalueza-Fox et al. belonged to Louis XVI of France. Louis XVI s mtDNA lineage was therefore NOT N1b as originally mentioned in this thread. The genealogy below is still valid but for another, still undisclosed...
  2. N

    Haplogroup personality types?

    This might be a question best answered by established users of Eupedia or other genetic sites... I'm wondering if the field of haplogroup study is now far enough along to allow for the identification of haplogroup specific personality traits. For example, the Japanese place real importance on...
  3. A

    Italian mitocondrial haplogroups

    Hello. I need to know the distribution of mtDNA haplogroups in North Italy and South Italy. Values ​​for all over Italy are not enough for me. Where i can find the distribution by region?
  4. A. Tamar Chabadi

    More Early Neolithic mtDNA from Spain

    Ancient DNA from an Early Neolithic Iberian population_MtDNA Ancient DNA from an Early Neolithic Iberian population supports a pioneer colonization by first farmers C. GAMBA,* E. FERNA´ NDEZ,*† M. TIRADO,* M. F. DEGUILLOUX,‡ M. H. PEMONGE,‡ P. UTRILLA,§ M. EDO, – M . MOLIST , * * R . RASTEIRO...
  5. A. Tamar Chabadi

    Two relatively recent papers on the Caucasus (I haven't seen them posted here)

    Mol Biol Evol (2011) doi: 10.1093/molbev/msr126 Parallel Evolution of Genes and Languages in the Caucasus Region Oleg Balanovsky1,2,*, Khadizhat Dibirova1,*, Anna Dybo3, Oleg Mudrak4, Svetlana Frolova1, Elvira Pocheshkhova5, Marc Haber6, Daniel Platt7, Theodore Schurr8, Wolfgang Haak9...
  6. A. Tamar Chabadi

    Age of mtDNA haplogroup L3: about 70 thousand years

    Mol Biol Evol (2011) doi: 10.1093/molbev/msr245 The expansion of mtDNA haplogroup L3 within and out of Africa Pedro Soares et al. Although fossil remains show that anatomically modern humans dispersed out of Africa into the Near East ∼100–130 ka, genetic evidence from extant populations...
  7. Canek

    "Icelanders descended from Native Americans"

    a very interesting article i want to share with the forum, taken from: "Icelanders descended from Native Americans" That is the question, and tentatively answered in the affirmative according to a...
  8. D

    H17 - No Information?

    MTDNA confirms H17 but as I search for information about it precious little is available. It appears in Central Europe but our family history is a bit murky. Has anyone any advice on how to further search for H17? Thank you in advance.