1. Archetype0ne

    Current J2b2-L283 Evidence + A speculative Theory

    (https://www.yfull.com/tree/J-L283/) https://indo-european.eu/2020/02/visualizing-phylogenetic-trees-of-ancient-dna-in-a-map/ *Potential new samples I drew on top of the source. Mokrin sample is official...
  2. A


    I received the results of my subclade: L241 Who can tell me which ethnic group has spread this sublcade? PS: sorry for my English :smile:
  3. Balkanite

    New map of J-M241>L283 (J2b2)

    Hello folks, long time no see. A member of the albanian DNA project has created this map. He compiled all of the frequencies from nearly a hundred academic papers, covering the whole of Europe. I think it has turned out pretty nice actually.
  4. Maciamo

    J2b as an IE lineages of the ancient Illyrians & Mycenaeans

    The new paper on the Genomic History of Southeastern Europe by Mathieson et al. identified the first ancient J2b2 sample in Europe. This sample was found in Middle Bronze Age southern Croatia, at Veliki Vanik and dates from 1700-1500 BCE. It has been proposed by archeologists that the...
  5. PaschalisB

    E-L241, E-L540, E-L17 and E-L143

    Is there any more info about those subclades apart from what is written in the E1b1b page? Does anyone know where they peak, their frequencies etc? Would it be possible to get maps?
  6. RHAS

    Phylogeographical Analysis of the J2b2 M241 Geno 2.0 Heatmap

    (Comparing historical data with heatmap hotspots.) Map Source: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/