1. LeBrok

    Your genes will tell you what you should eat.

    We already know about lactose persistence and consumption of diary products. Here comes a new research from Italy linking our preferences to various foods to genes in our DNA. Most of our taste in foods might not be acquired at all, but rather we are born already liking them. Forget about...
  2. Maciamo

    Health Children's well-being in 29 Western countries (UNICEF report)

    Seven years ago I analysed the UNICEF report on children well-being in rich countries. Here is a new report for 2013, which has eight additional countries. The Netherlands still tops the ranking, followed by Scandinavian countries like before, except Denmark which fell from 3rd to 11th...
  3. Maciamo

    Are proteins bad for your health ?

    Two studies published this week in Cell Metabolism, Solon-Biet et al. 2014 and Levine et al. 2014, are telling us that having a diet rich in animal proteins could considerably reduce our lifespan. Here is what Science magazine comments about the studies. One problem with the Solon-Biet et...