1. LeBrok

    Mt DNA and energy production. Do Mt U people love to suntan?

    Mitochondrial DNA is responsible for energy production in cells. If Mt Hg U is European paleolithic one, existed in Europe during Ice Age, it would make sense to conclude that it was the best haplogroup to have for cold climate. Theoretically it produces more energy, body heat, than others...
  2. LeBrok

    Is complexity of grammar pointing to roots of a language?

    I have asked myself a question, why grammar of many modern languages is simpler, sometimes much simpler, when compared to their root language? English has a very simple grammar compared to its most influential source of Germanic family of Anglo-Saxon. Romance languages are grammatically...
  3. edao

    Has human domestication made us stupider?

    "One of the most well-documented differences between domesticated animals and their wild counterparts is their brains: across every species that has been looked at, the brains of domesticated animals are smaller. Why does domestication lead to shrinking brains? And what does this mean in...