1. Maciamo

    Sustainability Sustainability ratings of major food and drink corporations

    The companies ranked here include food and drink manufacturers, international supermarket chains (also selling their own food products) as well as restaurant and café chains. Most of these companies have a global presence, or are at least operating in Europe and North America (for some...
  2. Maciamo

    Sustainability Evaluation of eco-friendly brands of soap, shampoo, cosmetics, and home care products

    Cleaning products, detergents, liquid soaps, shampoos, sunscreens and cosmetics can all potentially contain chemicals harmful to health or for the environment (especially to aquatic life, where these products usually end up). But their ecological impact can be even greater at the source, in the...
  3. Maciamo

    Sustainability Ranking of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly car makers

    Following the ranking for the most eco-friendly fashion brands and electronics companies, I am now tackling the automobile industry. Car manufacturing has a considerable environmental impact, especially on deforestation and resource depletion. Discover which car makers are doing the most effort...
  4. Maciamo

    Sustainability Unilever to eliminate fossil fuels from its cleaning and laundry products by 2030

    Unilever pledges to invest €1bn in eliminating fossil fuels from cleaning products by 2030 "Unilever has announced it is to invest €1bn in measures that could allow it to eliminate fossil fuels from its cleaning and laundry products by the end of the decade, an intervention it claims is...
  5. Maciamo

    Nature 9% to 27% of deaths in Europe caused by pollution

    BBC News: EU says one in eight deaths is linked to pollution, according to a new report by the EU's environment agency (EEA). "It found that a total of 630,000 premature deaths in the EU were attributable to environmental factors in 2012, the latest year for which data is available. Air...
  6. Maciamo

    Climate change California wildfires worst in recorded history

    Check this on BBC News. Wilfires have been ravaging California for over a month. There is currently 1000 acres (= 1000 football fields) being burned every 30 minutes. That 48,000 acres per day, about the size of Washington DC. In total 2.3 million acres (9300 km², 4x the size of Luxembourg) have...
  7. Maciamo

    Nature Most eco-friendly brands of electronics and home appliances

    I have recently written a guide to the most ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands. I have concocted a similar rating system for electric appliances and electronic devices. I did not include ethical ratings such as working conditions, worker's rights, wages, tax avoidance and the like as I...
  8. Maciamo

    Nature Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn

    BBC News: Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn "Wildlife populations have fallen by more than two-thirds in less than 50 years, according to a major report by the conservation group WWF. The report says this "catastrophic decline" shows no sign of...
  9. Maciamo

    Nature Microplastic particles now discoverable in human organs

    The Guardian: Microplastic particles now discoverable in human organs "Microplastic and nanoplastic particles are now discoverable in human organs thanks to a new technique. Microplastics have polluted the entire planet, from Arctic snow and Alpine soils to the deepest oceans. People are also...
  10. Maciamo

    Climate change Ecosia, the climate-friendly search engine

    I have switched my main search engine to Ecosia, the only climate-friendly search engine. Founded in 2009, it was the first certified B-corporation in Germany. Ecosia uses clean, solar energy to power the searches and donates most of the money generated to plant trees. This makes Ecosia a...
  11. Maciamo

    Climate change Is it time for Americans to stop using their air conditioners?

    No less than 90% of American homes have air conditioning. In Europe it's under 1% (except in Italy and Spain where its a bit over 10%). It's not because the United States has a hotter climate. It's really a cultural thing, and that partly explains why the average American produces nearly twice...
  12. Maciamo

    Nature Ecocide may soon become an international crime

    On 15th July the French Parliament voted to make ecocide (mass damage and destruction of ecosystems) a crime, with 99.3% approval. President Macron calls for ecocide to be made a crime in international law. Six days later, the Belgian Green parties, who are the second largest political group...
  13. Maciamo

    Nature New Ecology section

    You may have noticed that Eupedia now has an Ecology section. I have written five articles in the last few days. I'll let you read them. Your feedback is welcome. :smile:
  14. Maciamo

    eBussy: a new revolutionary modulable electric vehicle

    It's hard to describe what eBussy is in one word. It's a minibus, but also mini motorhome, a pickup truck and a van, all rolled into one. The eBussy is an astonishing electric vehicle based on a modular concept that the manufacturer promises to be as easy to handle as Lego bricks. Its launch is...
  15. Maciamo

    Nature How to choose the best coffee for your health and for the planet?

    Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks. The International Coffee Organization estimates that in 2019/20, coffee consumption worldwide exceeded 10 billions kg (169.34 million bags of 60 kg or 132 pounds). That's more than one kg per person, even including children, people who don't like...
  16. Maciamo

    Sustainability Eco-friendly & ethical shopping: What brands of clothing & shoes to buy and to avoid?

    Eco-friendly & ethical shopping: What brands of clothing & shoes to buy and to avoid? We have all heard of climate change, plastic pollution, toxic wastes, the loss of biodiversity caused by deforestation carried our for the sake of intensive agriculture, or the horrible working conditions in...
  17. Maciamo

    World's first floating dairy farm to open in the Netherlands

    With the global population set to reach 10 billion around 2050, new ways are needed to produce food in a sustainable manner. As 55% of the world population currently lives in cities and this will rise to 70% in 2050, producing foods inside cities will reduce transportation costs and the...
  18. Maciamo

    Amazing short videos about science and other topics

    I have found a series of educational videos on YouTube sponsored by various organisations around the world, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Australian Academy of Science. It is called Kurzgesagt, which is German for 'shortly said', but better translated as 'in a...
  19. Jovialis

    Microwaves could be as bad for the environment as cars, suggests new research

    Cook your meals with a conventional oven; the environment depends on it.
  20. C

    Do you feel frustrated after reading the news and feel you want to do something?

    Often after reading the news I feel empathetic with something bad that has happened to other people (e.g. earthquake) or just something that really frustrates me (e.g. the way the government has dealt with a situation) or something I really want to happen (e.g. all the nations at the Paris...