1. Maciamo

    Egyptian mummy identified as belonging to Y-haplogroup I2

    A new article in Nature revealed that Carsten Pusch from the University of Tübingen managed to sequence the DNA of an ancient Egyptian mummy. Sadly the article doesn't give more information about the identity or age of the mummy, but there is a fleeting mention that the man belonged to...
  2. Maciamo

    Ramesses III belonged to haplogroup E1b1a

    We've got the Y-DNA results of Ramesses III (reigned 1186–1155 BCE), the second pharaoh of Egypt's 20th dynasty. Based on his 13 STR markers tested, the probabilities are that he belonged to haplogroup E1b1a (aka E-V38, the Black African branch), although there is a faint possibility that it is...