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    Hi all! I recently received the results of the Big-Y test. Subclade E-FGC79748, in the interpretation of YFull - E-FGC67001. My ancestors in the direct male line were Germans, glassmakers. The earliest known ancestor was born in Leippa, Silesia in 1829. Judging by the records, his ancestors may...
  2. P

    Neolithic Refuge and Continuity in Transylvania

    EEA 2024 Abstract: The region of today’s Transylvania has long been a region of rich natural resources, fertile farming land and relative protection from the surrounding Carpathian and Apuseni mountains. However, the genetic history of the people that have inhabited this region is poorly...
  3. G

    E-V13-->E-Z5016-->E-Y138701* (E-BY4610*) North African (Algerian) Subclade?

    E-V13-->E-Z5016-->E-Y138701* (E-BY4610*) North African Subclade? Hello Everyone, I am a carrier of a rare E-V13 subclade E-V13-->...............>E-Z5016-->E-Y138701* (E-BY4610*) TMRCA : 3100 years All my matches on Yfull are Portuguese Guys from Azore isles, they are all under E-BY4611 TMRCA...
  4. N

    Ancient Pannonians and Ancient Illyrians....I2 and E-V13

    Classical Greco-Roman autors (eg Livius, Strabo, Velleius Paterculus, Plinius Maior, Tacitus in Germania, Appianus, Cassius Dio ... etc ...) mention particular ethnic community in the Western Balkans, the Pannonian basin and central Europe as Pannonians (Παννόνιοι; Pannonii). As Pannonians...
  5. A

    E-V22 , E-V13 and their relationship with Haplogroup I

    as far as i know the origins of E-V22 and E-V13 from Egypt and being part of the Levant and the Balkan , the Haplogroup I is also part of the Balkan , my interest is to understand the relation between both , if someone can provide any info please, the reason of my interest is because i have...
  6. T

    Looking to discover my roots: E-V13 subclade E-L17 in Sicily

    Hello Everyone! I just took a test through 23 and me that told me I am E-L17, a subclade of E-V13. E-V13, according to 23 and me: "Your haplogroup migrated in large numbers from the Balkans into Europe about 4,500 years ago, triggered by the beginning of the Balkan Bronze Age. During this...
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    I received the results of my subclade: L241 Who can tell me which ethnic group has spread this sublcade? PS: sorry for my English :smile:
  8. M

    E-PH1246 Y-DNA Inquriy

    Hello, I was looking into the E-PH1246 branch from E-V13, is there any in depth info about its possible geographic location or time in history. Thank you.
  9. Maciamo

    Updated phylogenetic tree of E-V13

    I have updated and expanded the phylogenetic tree of haplogroup E-V13. I changed the layout to show when each clade developed in time so as to get a better idea of when the regional expansions happened. Many branches of the tree are still missing. There are few Greek, Italian, French and...
  10. Maciamo

    Was E-V13 a major lineage of Hallstatt Celts and Italics?

    The distribution and origins of E-V13 are one of the most perplexing of any haplogroups. Over the years people have hypothesised that it originated with ancient Greeks, Neolithic farmers, Balkans people, Steppe people, Romans, Celts, Indo-Europeans in general or whatever imaginable scenario...
  11. H

    E-L542 from Madeira, all snps downstream negative except V27 not yet tested

    Would like some Y-DNA guidance, as all subregions except one was tested and came back negative. I see people on the forums claim they're Thracian, or some other ancient lineage and since I'm fairly new to this, idk how anyone can tell that, but if someone could gleam anything from these results...
  12. Maciamo

    Larry Page may belong to Y-haplogroup E-V13

    I was checking the genealogy of Google co-founder Larry Page and found that he descended from John D. Page (1808-1900). The same John Page appears in the Page Surname project and matches exactly several other Page individuals from Kent, England who belong to haplogroup E1b1b1. Only one member...
  13. LeBrok

    Y haplogroups correlation with number of sons, R1b, I2a-Din, E-V13, G2a

    This possible phenomenon was discussed in many threads, as an explanation to why some Y haplogroups became so dominant. Maciamo's hypothesis about dominance of R1b clades in Western Europe is based on it too. This hypothesis states that males of certain haplogroups, like R1b, or some of its...
  14. N

    E-V22: Neolithic pioneers from the Levantine!

    E-V22 Neolithic pioneers from the Levantine Introduction How did a Levantine Y-DNA like E-V22 get into a Dutch guy like me? This basic curiosity is the drive behind this paper. FTDNA stated after the results of my Big-Y DNA: "This haplogroup is an African lineage. It is currently...
  15. Evilixir

    Messapian peoples : Possible Illyrian-E-V13 connection ?

    Hello to all! First of all i'm new to this forum, but only in terms of creating an account, cause i follow it from a long time. And this is my very first post here. :satisfied: I was reading about the tribes inhabiting in Italy before the Roman expansion. The Messapians were a group which...
  16. Dini Malaj

    E-L117 Haplogroup info

    Hi I recently received my y-dna results and it seems that I am part of the E-L117 haplogroup. I read online that this haplogroup shows jewish ancestry. At the same time I see matches with different haplogroup names. I have exact matches with E-V13 people and E-M35 and others. And I know that...
  17. N

    E1b1b above the "Limes".......!?

    What are the roots of E1b1b (E-V13) living above the so called “Limes” (border of the Roman Empire)? Eb1b above that line is not more than 3%. That is not much but one out of 33 can not be neglected. On the internet and in the literature I see three theories about it: 1. E1b1b are...
  18. PaschalisB

    E-L241, E-L540, E-L17 and E-L143

    Is there any more info about those subclades apart from what is written in the E1b1b page? Does anyone know where they peak, their frequencies etc? Would it be possible to get maps?
  19. Maciamo

    New distribution map of Y-DNA haplogroup E-V13

    After E-M81, here is the map of the E-V13 subclade. The distribution of the two haplogroups don't match at all, except in Iberia. E-V13 is clearly linked to the Thessalian Neolithic and its offshoots, such as the Linear Pottery (LBK) culture. It was also part of the Cardium Pottery Culture, as...