1. Anfänger

    "Kushan script" deciphered

    Ancient ‘Unknown’ Middle-Iranian Script Is Finally Deciphered Abstract Several dozen inscriptions in an unknown writing system have been discovered in an area stretching geographically from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to southern Afghanistan. Most inscriptions can be dated to the...
  2. Coriolan

    Recreating historical battles in cinematic HD with Total War

    A friend of mine is starting a new YouTube channel (Sons of Mars) to explain famous historical battles using video scenes he shot while playing Total War in high definition and edited with a special programme. He plans to recreate mostly battles from the Antiquity and teh Middle Ages. It looks...
  3. H

    Who were the ancestors of Polish people during the period of the Roman Empire?

    Talking about the period of 27 BC-395 AD, who were the ancestors of Polish people? Or is it too far long ago for there to be a definite answer?
  4. Maciamo

    Interesting facts about the ancient Romans

    This is my first article this year. I have summarised all the fascinating and intriguing factoids I could find about the ancient Romans in the 9 books I have read on the subject over the last year. The page also serve as a general overview on Roman lifestyle and culture. I hope you like it...
  5. T

    Ancient place names in Iberia

    Since the discussion recently came up, I would like to elaborate the situation on the Iberian penninsula in Antiquity a bit, especially on the aspect of linguistic heterogenity. Note that the analysis below excludes the Basque-Aquitanian and Iberian areas in the east and southeast of Iberia, and...