1. T

    Is this indicative of Turkish ancestry?

    Hi! I was hoping that someone could please shed some light on whether or not my father's AncestryDNA results are indicative of our supposed Turkish ancestry? Long story short, there is a family legend that we are descended from a Turkish princess. I don't buy the princess part, but I always...
  2. C

    How to convert my raw AncestryDNA file to plink for use in qpAdm?

    Hey guys! I am new to qpAdm and I thought I want to give it a try to model myself in it, since I've heard a lot of interesting stuff about it. I have a AncestryDNA raw file and it seems that there isn't much info on the internet on how to convert the file to be able to use it in qpAdm. From what...
  3. Ιωάννης Γαβριήλ

    AncestryDNA Simulator Project

    I've created a AncestryDNA results Simulator using G25 Coordinates and Samples, this project is finished, now I'm working on another project based on 23andMe that I'm going to release soon :) For this model I (strongly) recommend using or ADD DIST COL 0.25X in Vahaduo. PS: 0.01 = 1 in G25...
  4. M

    Do Chinese have Finnish in them?

    I've been searching for ancestry composition videos and I've noticed some pattern among Chinese. We're all mixed. Everybody has blended or descends from a foreign population if we go far back in time. I wonder to which extent they consider other haplogroups native to the place, or they count...
  5. B

    GEDMatch GEDMatch results?

    I couldn’t find a thread for the MDLP World 22 results, but how would you interpret my results? Population: North-East European 40.2 Atlantic Mediterranean Neolithic 25.97 West Asian 12.82 Near East 8.79 Samoedic 3.74 North European Mesolithic 2.53 Melanesian 1.76 Sub Saharian 1.01...
  6. Maciamo

    AncestryDNA Share your AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimates

    In 2017 I started a thread encouraging users to share their 23andMe Ancestry Composition to get a better idea of what each admixture corresponds to. This resulted in the making of distribution maps for each European admixture. I would now like to do the same for AncestryDNA customers. Please...
  7. Maciamo

    What's your experience of customer service with DNA testing companies?

    I am curious to compare people's experience of customer support at various DNA testing companies. Here is my impression based on my experience. - Family Tree DNA: I have often been critical of this company (high prices, terrible MyOrigins and AncientOrigins report, etc.), but they do have a...
  8. G

    Why is autosomal DNA ethnicity estimate so different from my mtDNA ethnicity?

    Question from a NEWBIE::confused2: I got my autosomal DNA testing performed from AncestryDNA. Africa0% Other Regions Tested Ivory Coast/Ghana0% Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers0% Senegal0% Cameroon/Congo0% Nigeria0% Africa North0% Mali0% Benin/Togo0% Africa...
  9. Maciamo

    Comparing DNA testing companies

    Here is a quick comparison of the number of SNP's tested by the main genomics companies offering ancestry DNA tests. Company Autosomal SNP's Y-DNA SNP's mtDNA SNP's Price (USA/EU/UK) 23andMe 577,382 2,329 3,154 99~199$/169€/149£ Geno 2.0 700,000 ~20,000 ~4,000 180$ Chrono 2.0 290,169...