Who voted for Hitler and Why?


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Short answer: Protestants

"The Nazi government ushered in key changes to the Protestant churches in Germany. First, the Nazi leadership supported the German Christian movement, a group of Protestants who wanted to combine Christianity and National Socialism into a movement “that would exclude all those deemed impure and embrace all ‘true Germans’ in a spiritual homeland for the Third Reich.”
Second, the Nazi leadership urged Protestants to unite all regional churches into a national church under the centralized leadership of Ludwig Müller, a well-known pastor and Nazi Party member, who was appointed as Reich bishop. Many German Protestants embraced these changes. By supporting the German Christian movement and Müller, they could continue to practice their faith and at the same time show support for Hitler. In a national vote by Protestants taken in July 1933, the German Christians were supported by two-thirds of voters, and Müller won the national election to lead them."

The only notable Protestant clergyman to oppose Hitler was Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

People forget that there wasn't a coup d'etat in Germany, or a civil war, or an invasion and imposition of laws. Hitler won the popular vote. Religion was the single most important determining factor as to whether someone voted for Nazism or not.

Protestant pastors in Germany were telling their "flocks" that Hitler's agenda was just fine and to vote for the National Socialists. Catholic pastors were saying it was a bad agenda, including for the Catholic Church.

You can see the result.


Too bad when the Nazis took power most of the Catholic clergy and laity turned into cowards.
You downvoted the post because you take objection to the facts presented in the article? Who were stupid, the Protestants or the Catholics? You think Orthodox Christians would have acted differently?

Don't be shy. Explain your position.

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