When police forces grow, homicides drop and low-level arrests increase


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Thank you captain obvious!

The article complains that low-level arrests increase... So what? It is against the law to drink in public, and possess illegal drugs; do drugs in public/sell them.

Now, I am not advocating for draconian laws for stuff like smoking weed in public. But you should be penalized for violating the law to some degree. At least be discrete about it! How stupid can you be?

I think the problem is that ignorant people who care more about projecting their bravado in the fashion of their idiot youth sub-culture, think they are acting cool by violating the law with impunity. Then they cry like little babies when the police come to do their job. What makes matter worse is that you have politicians who probably know better, appeasing this stupidity in exchange for votes.

All in all, it seems like a small price to pay for the drop in homicides.

"Chalfin, who studies the costs and benefits of policing in the United States, has been interested in this subject for some time. As public attention on police shootings increased, and with it calls to defund the police, he started to wonder what tradeoffs might occur if a city were to spend less on its police force."

The trade off is anarchy.
Community policing found to be ineffective in improving trust or reducing crime


Yet another idiotic goof-ball idea is proven to be useless. The police are the police, they are not there to be your friend. They are there to keep you from getting robbed or murdered.

The Democrats pride themselves on being the I ******* love science party. Well, here is the science, and it says your ideas are garbage.

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