Were the Goths related to the Scythians or Cimmerians ?

Go and check what your Ottoman masters tell you, this gypsy, zingari di merda, created so much troubles in the last 20-5 years in the regions in Italia i've been living it's incredible, go and enjoy your "Kanun" zingaro di merda e non rompermi le palle..
Just reading your so courteous and science based language and arguments put me very sad. I didn't know you before, but now, I hesitate to say you "welcome" on this forum! What will be out next newbie here? I fear it. (sorry for the harsh comments)
Do you even know Italians? What does that mean "Italian Nordicist"? Because Italians can't be Nordicist? You seem to be another NPC who believes that all of Italians look like Sicilians, eat Spaghetti everyday and shoot randomly with Berretta around the city and drive black windowed cars, ha ha, "experts" do you even know Sizzi? I could go further, there are people of Nordic descent in Italy, certainly an balkanoid won't change that.

There aren't any "NORDIC" Italians, but there are Northern Italians with some Germanic enrichment.

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