W6a: Balto-Slavic or Gothic?


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One of the newly published Visigoths from Spain had mtDNA haplogroup W6a:



If I'm not mistaken, this Visigothic W6a is actually the only known so far ancient W6a younger than Bronze Age.

Bronze Age W6a samples are Corded Ware Lithuania (Mittnik et. al. 2017) and from Corded Ware East Germany:

- W6a sample dated to ~3260-2630 BC, Corded Ware, Plinkaigalis, Lithuania
- W6a sample dated to ~2566-2477 BC, Corded Ware, Esperstedt, Germany

I also have W6a, here is my mtDNA Wiki report:


Here is what I got for this Visigoth (I12034), can someone check further downstream if it is W6a1a or not?:

User Entered Markers: C146T,C152T,A189G,C194T,T204C,G207A,A247G,G709A,A7 69G,A825T,A1018G,T1243C,A2758G,C2885T,A3505G,T3594 C,A4093G,G4104A,T4312C,G5046A,G5460A,A6040G,G7146A ,T7256C,A7521G,G8251A,T8468C,T8610C,T8614C,T8655C, G8701A,G8994A,C9540T,C10307T,G10398A,T10664C,A1068 8G,C10810T,C10873T,C10915T,C11674T,A11914G,A11947G ,T12414C,G13105A,G13276A,T13506C,T13650C,G15884C,A 16129G,T16187C,C16189T,C16192T,G16230A,T16278C,C16 292T,C16311T,T16325C

Best Identified Haplogroups
Haplogroup W6a

♀ Eve
⇨ L1'2'3'4'5'6 (C146T,C182T,T4312C,T10664C,C10915T,A11914G,G13276 A,G16230A)
⇨ L2'3'4'5'6 (C152T,A2758G,C2885T,G7146A,T8468C)
⇨ L2'3'4'6 (C195T,A247G,A825t,T8655C,A10688G,C10810T,G13105A, T13506C,G15301A,A16129G,T16187C,C16189T)
⇨ L3'4'6 (G4104A,A7521G)
⇨ L3'4 (T182C!,T3594C,T7256C,T13650C,T16278C)
⇨ L3 (A769G,A1018G,C16311T)
⇨ N (G8701A,C9540T,G10398A,C10873T,A15301G!)
⇨ N2 (A189G,G709A,G5046A,C11674T,T12414C)
⇨ W (T195C!,T204C,G207A,T1243C,A3505G,G5460A,G8251A,G8 994A,A11947G,G15884c,C16292T)
⇨ (C194T)
⇨ W6 (A4093G,T8614C,T16325C)
⇨ (C194T)
⇨ W6a (T8610C)
Matches on Tree (54) : C146T C152T A189G C194T T204C G207A A247G G709A A769G A1018G T1243C A2758G C2885T A3505G T3594C A4093G G4104A T4312C G5046A G5460A G7146A T7256C A7521G G8251A T8468C T8610C T8614C T8655C G8701A G8994A C9540T G10398A T10664C A10688G C10810T C10873T C10915T C11674T A11914G A11947G T12414C G13105A G13276A T13506C T13650C A16129G T16187C C16189T C16192T G16230A T16278C C16292T C16311T T16325C
Mismatches/Extras (4) : A825T A6040G C10307T G15884C
W6a1a according to who?
Both polish samples, MG646162.1 and MH120447.1

...are listed under W6a1a on Yfull MT tree (with presumably two defining mutations, C8514T * C15088T.Both missing in the Visigothic sample).

These are however still listed as w6a in Ian Logan's list :
In his list the only w6a1 sample is the Russian one, KY670993 which on Yfull's tree is under w6a1* . Guess we need to wait more for the new PhyloTree .
The distribution is pretty much W.and E. Slavdom,Scandinavia+Orkney Islands(KF451323 and KJ445928)...Plus one Swiss,one German and the two Spanish ones.
Tested with Family Tree mtDNA Full Sequence, they now have 5subclades under W6A, my results matched up with a former private mutationthat brought the subclades from 4 to 5!
I had a further {currently}private mutation until somebody else matches up to it. “W6A-SC5” unofficial name,currently has traces to the Czech Republic and where my ancestors came from England.Yes, it does exist outside Eastern Europe. With the advancement in the technology– I would suggest to all to take the full sequence and expand the knowledge.
..yet roughly half of the participants are listed under "Unknown Origin" (I don't know...I suspect many of them either are really not certain or are just plain lazy .Some of my matches spent $199 for the sequence and never bothered to put the place of origin on the map,go figure).
Still not many westerners on w6a (the British Isles connection might be of Scandinavian origin) .
Did you upload at https://www.yfull.com/ or GenBank ?
Yes, I saw that, strange they don't put at least somerelative. I haven’t uploaded toyfull or GenBank yet, is it worth it? Scandinavian origin.... yes possible, some long forgottenViking invader- one other subclade under W6A had all Scottish and Englishancestry. The depth seems to be increasing for mtDNA. All should join a groupproject such as “W and N2a Haplogroup” - after testing for FTDNA mtDNA full. Iguess approx. 1400 have joined where1800 who have tested using mtDNA full- for W have not.
Sequences published on GenBank are used for the updates of the PhyloTree
...and in various scientific papers . Very vital for expanding the knowledge !

So is the Yfull tree which is based on GenBank sequences(from papers and medical researches) and fullseq uploads by regular folks.
The analysis and placement (anonymized) on the Yfull mtTree is $25 (FASTA file upload). If you plan to have your Ydna FullSequence'd and upload it there (like the majority) for $49 then you will have the mt result analysed for free.

GenBank submission is free and anonymised (only your FTDNA kit number will show).

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