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HI, Both Living DNA and 23and Me tell me my mtDNA is U5b1b1. Living DNA state that the European distribution of this haplogroup is -

Saami 40%
Finland 7%
Mordovia 3%
Bashkir 2%
Lithuania 2%
Slovenia 2%
Norway 2%
Russia 1%
Chuvashia 1%
Sweden 1%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1%

Recently I received my full-sequence results from FTDNA, and they refine my haplogroup as U5b1b1-T16192C! So, as I understand it, there was a mutation at position 16192 from the reference source, which is T to a C, which has then mutated back to source, I think designated with the '!' notation.

Anyway, my question is, the above percentages do not mention England. I understand the % of U5 in England is around 15%. Am I to understand that U5b1b1 in England is less that 1%? Wow, in that case U5b1b1-T16192C! must be much less. I would appreciate any comments to help me understand the above percentages. Kind regards, Leslie.
From my research, U5b1b1 is an uncommon haplogroup. I know researches are also baffled at its distribution across Europe and North Africa. It continues to pop up randomly so it doesn't surprise me that England is not listed.
LDNA does not list any mtDNA percentages for England. For instance, J1c is a fairly common mtDNA haplogroup for England, but England is not listed in its percentages of distribution either.

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