Top 10 attractions in Brussels ?


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For those who live or have been to Brussels, what do you think are the 10 best touristic attractions in the city (suburbs included) ?

Here is my personal top 10 :

1) Grand Place & Galeries St Hubert
2) Royal Palace, Royal Park & Fine Arts Museum
3) Jubilee Park (Parc du Cinquantenaire) and its museums
4) European Parliament
5) National Botanic Garden of Belgium (in Meise)
6) Court of Justice (Palais de Justice)
7) Sablon & Egmont Palace
8) St Michael & Gudula Cathedral
9) Japanese Pagoda & Chinese Pavillon
10) Royal Greenhouses, Park and Castle of Laeken

It's always hard to rank sights. Some could be inverted in ranking. However, these 10 sights are certainly the best in the capital. Don't be surprised not to find the emblematic Atomium, which I think is the most overrated attraction and only comes after all these. The most underrated place is the National Botanic Garden of Belgium
I don’t live in Brussels but have visited it a few years ago including other great flanders’ towns and cities. For me Top 7 in Brussels:

  1. The Grand Place and Brussels Town Hall
  2. St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral
  3. Royal palace of Brussels
  4. Wetstraat with those tall buildings.
  5. Jubilee Park
  6. Botanical Garden with Northern Quater view.
  7. Palais de Justice
Brussels is very nice city of Belgium. Brussels's attractions are so beautiful. Here i am going to share some names of these attractions:
Mannekin Pis
Place Royale (Koningsplein)
Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts
Parc du Cinquantenaire
I am sure my share information you will very useful.

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