The very interesting haplogroup j1b


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Hi everyone, I would like you guys to enlighten me on this since it consernes the area that I live on. Most folks consider J1 to be immediatly a typical semithic haplogroup but I have read that that is not true.When I first saw studies conserning J1 has around 3% in my area I doubted of the study because it did not make sense because moors and jews were barely in my area, the minho next to galicia and I just thought badly about the study since the data was very little and so on. But then I read something about my area being a hotspot of J1b being almost every J1 in my area if not every sample and thereafter I read that it is due to a major Alan settlement in my area, the Alans were a caucasian tribe that came to my area togrther with the suebi that were germanic. I just want to know if this stuff that makes sense about J1b not being semithic but caucasian is really true. <my thanks to everyone that enlightens me on this matter.
PS: For the people that don't know the arab domination of my area lasted barely 20 years and next to where I live and from where a part of my family comes, only 15 years, since my family comes as lots of families from rural areas the arabs were never really there, they just conquered the big cities.
J1 is not exactly Semitic, but it is also seen among Caucasians, Europeans and Turks. J1 has so many SNPs, subclades; and a few of subclades are related to Arabs and Jews whereas several other SNPs are related to other ethnicities.

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