The Great Capet Dinasty

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The Great Capet Dinasty

At least one Capetian has been on an European throne from 987 to this day without interruption
. The Capetians reigned France from 987 to 1848, and have reigned in several other countries as well, as in Spain from 1700 to this date. The king Felipe VI (Bórbon y Bórbon) is a direct descendant of King Hugues Capet of France on descending male line.
Although the direct Capetian line became extinct 1328, the various cadet branches, of which Bourbon is today the most prominent and significant, do exist and prevail today. The Capetians must also be the most numerous royal house today if measured by the number of people as blood relatives to each other today.


In addition to the Portuguese Dynasty being after the Avis Dynasty (Capetian branch), the Bragança dynasty is also a Capetian Dynasty and was not counted in the image above, the current Duke of Luxembourg also has the Patrilinear line of the Bourbons.

The Capetian Dynasty (along with its branches) has ruled at least some country continuously from 987 to the present day.
His ancestry finds the oldest records in the Robertine Dynasty founded by Robert II (steward of Clotaire III's palace), who must have been born somewhere between 600 and 640, a clear descendant of the Frankish Invaders.

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