The diverse genetic origins of a Classical period Greek army

I ran my distances against Sample HIMOO1 (using my G25 simulated coordinates). So not the within 0.03 for an exact match but also not super far away (not surprising given Greek impact on Southern Italy/Sicily). Would be interesting to see how close in terms of ancestry the Iron Age Himera samples from Sicily are to the 25 Iron Age Greeks in paper KingDavid mentioned in post #309.

Distance to:PT_G25_Ancestry_simulated_g25_scaled
Hope they'll publish them soon
FYI another old J-L70 is reported in Family Tree DNA, from Egypt in a Byzantine cultural setting. Not sure if it’s been published yet. Other old L70 samples were also in a Byzantine setting (Southern Arc study), from southeast and southwest Anatolia.

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Thanks a lot. I knew about the Byzantine Egyptian, I also have access to FTDNA, I don´t know if it was already published or not. There are some other Byzantines that belongs to J-L70 in the Anatolian peninsula. Specially on the Mugla Province, on the Aegean shores.
so HIM001 was under y haplogroup G

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