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Societies take a relatively long time to develop, and the civilization we live in is the product of Thousands of years of development. In which a lot of things, many times difficult, and to some extent bad happens. Many other times, by the way, this may be good.
But there already some patterns, more or less defined of:

Growth and expansion, maturity and consolidation, then a civilization may start to lose traction and finally we see their disintegration into a shadow of what it was.
Most notably we have the case of how the Romans build a new kind of world, one that effectively ended the warring states of the Iron Age and produced the birth of Great Empires with Great Militaries, therefore, invasion of other peoples on a big scale. And consolidate states and large organized and hierarchical religion, theaters, doctors, education and securing and strengthening international routes. Things that are important to run a society in many aspects.
I just saw the same pattern of growth repeating at least 3 times. Like 4200 years ago, the Indo-Europeans settle in Europe in a big way, having massive success. Then we don't have written records, but we see they build several cultures spanning the whole Eurasia.
But for some reason we see them fighting here and there, but they don't seem to be a very advanced civilization like the Egyptians and Assyrians, a 1000 years later.
We for example, know about the Sea Peoples attacking before 1000 BC, and that they are well established in the Eastern Mediterranean when Ancient Greece emerges in the 700s BC. But at that time, they seem to have a warrior militaristic side culture, not very developed, the empires are others.
Then all of a sudden, during the rest of the 1st Millenium BC, the Greeks and the Romans create an Impressive and very powerful civilization that changed the world in just every aspect of life. The chiefdoms stablished 2000 years ago start to be united again, and consolidate with the creation of the Empire. They also expand to North Africa and Asia, particularly with Alexander the Great coming to Middle East Empires to rule, in an unification move that will help the birth of the future Silk Road.
Have you yet noticed something by now? The IEs came in 2000BC and expanded with massive success. We know they massively changed the culture, since they had horses, a rich and succesful language, a new set of Gods, and for sure, a more complex and rich culture. Then like a thousand years later they exist as Barbarians (Sea Peoples, Hitites...), And then, another 1000 ys later, they are back building a ground changing society by the year 1 of our era.
If that tells you nothing. Let me let you know that the Empire gradually separates and has the Germanic peoples establishing fiefdoms, loosely, but still directed by the Church (that is the only thing that in the end continued civilization with their net of abbeys and monasteries). And by the year 1000, we see the Europeans fighting here and there in the Middle East. Did you just catch that? The Crusades, is it to some extent basically the same that the Sea Peoples did... 2000 years previosly??? Again, not only happens the Roman expansion 2000 years after the Indo-European. The less developed "Barbarian" societies seem to be launching attacks (apart from ocasional crusades is a mistery what they really do) every 2000 years too!!!!
But we have YET another coincidence. What have we been doing for this last Millenium??? We started with the Crusades, and we keep evolutioning into a more advanced society, expanding all over the world again. And creating the new Modern civilization, with its Human rights, Education, Economic growth, the Internet, Energy... a centuries before the year 2000.
This is the exact same that happened during the last Millenium Before Christ( 2 thousand years ago) That we started it Crusading in the Mid East, and we finished them with the ROMAN CIVILIZATION.
And something like this likely happened in the 2000s BC, IEs would have started fighting here and there and eventually would have expanded by the last of the Millenium.
Well, this is a pattern that I realized and let me tell you that it seems curious to me. It's something that has repeated several times already. And it's really interesting because it seems very exact in the way of how Civilizations form and metamorph.
There must be something that makes this coincide, some Human pattern that gives different eras a 'lifespan'.
But I wanna see your thoughts, and what you have to say about what happened during all this time. What you think? Did I miss things, did I mix and give uncontinuity? Did I put too much enphasis in Europe???? Because I know that in previous times other countries where more powerful. But it's a well recorded history that fits into a pattern that helps us explain the History of today. The experts in IE peoples, Ancient Classical Civilizations... wanna put things in context of what was already happening in other places??

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