Spanish/Iberian/Southwestern European genetic influence and haplogroups in Sicily?


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Hi all, as you can probably already tell, I'm a little surprised by my DNA results judging by my previous thread.
None the less, I'm roughly speaking half Italian (Sicilian and Italian) and half 'American' (French) and Eastern European.
Although my DNA results have shown that I'm mostly Southwestern European. How common is it to see Spanish haplogroups among Sicilian men? How much of a genetic impact did Spaniards leave on Sicily?
And who mostly left those markers and that influence? I read that soldiers were the only major immigrants to the island?
Please help, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
I'm sorry to bother you all again, but this DNA test is causing some drama with my family. Can someone please explain all of this to me?

These DNA tests are largely probability tools that estimate your ancestry based on their algorithms. So in your case the algos are predicting your ancestry (half south Italian, half Western/Eastern Euro) to be SW European like. It doesn't mean that you have actual Iberian ancestry.

To answer your question specifically, I don't think Spaniards left much of a genetic impact on Sicily; as you correctly pointed out, they were either military men or administrators.
From what I understand, the people from the area where my family hails from all have significant Iberian genetic percentages. Compared to my Godfather's city, town, which is largely Lombard - it's pretty interesting.

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