R1b1b above the "Limes"!?


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What are the roots of E1b1b (E-V13) living above the so called “Limes” (border of the Roman Empire)?

Eb1b above that line is not more than 3%. That is not much but one out of 33 can not be neglected.

On the internet and in the literature I see three theories about it:

  1. E1b1b are Neolithic farmers who brought agriculture to the North. In Northern Europe this didn’t went sudden but more gradual. The famers lived along the hunter- gatherers and finally mixed with them. Others have stated that this could not be the case because E1b1b expended from the Balkan not earlier than in the Bronze Age (Dienekes weblog).
  2. The Roman theory from Steven Bird in which troops from the Balkan where due to higher E1b1b scores in Wales and parts of England. This can be a factor for these particular areas. But above Hadrian’s Wall or the Rhine the Romans had no permanent stay. This makes the chances a lot smaller for Roman-German intermarriages than in their strongholds.
  3. E1b1b is a Jewish heritage. This can partly be the case. But I’ve read that for 80% of the E1b1b Europeans this is not the case. Jewish are frequently represented in specific branches of E1b1b.

In my personal Y-DNA matter is my oldest known grand father Haye Jans most probably a farmer and/or sailor who lived in the seventeenth age in Wartena in the heart of Frisia. In this area is R1b-U106 (and some I1) way out dominant. So E1b1b (or E-117 or E-M35 or E-V13) dazzles me a bit. The closest match is with someone rooted in Sicily.... a remarkable fact (a nice Frisian-Sicilian combination:LOL:

Who can make me a little bit wiser?

Thanks in advance!
Excuse me it's E1b1b above the Limes in stead of E1b1b

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