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Dear forum members,

We have been notified that some members had received spam through their email or PM account on Eupedia. If this has happened to you, please report the username(s) of the spammer, so that we can report their IP address and email to the competent authorities.

Thanks for the cooperation.
The forum has received a Spam attack by the user Feli
Looks like the guy may be involved in some form of illegal activity.
I am reporting "ENGAKRAM" as a troll/spammer.
Let me guess, does one start with "A" and the other with "C"? ;)

Personally, I don't think they are related to each other.
Mzungu mchagga said:
Registered: 13-september-2010

Thanks Mzungu but I don't think you are experienced enough in this forum to make judgements about potential trolls/clones.

Thanks for your contribution again anyways.

I'd like to notify that I have (re)moved the thread 'Where can Turks pass in the European Union?' due to obvious spamming.
Who do I report this to? I'm in a "debate" with user "Taharqa" in the history section under the Egypt thread and in his first response to me has already broken numerous forum rules. This sort off thing is unwarranted and unjustified.

Here is just one of the crass remarks this character has stated to me:

"Now before you run to Mathilda's interpretations of this study I'd advise you to read the text on your own, because it'll swing right back and hit you in the balls."

I think a delete and a ban is in order. Please take action.

Much appreciated.
Who do I report this to?

To report posts, when you're signed on, click the "!" in the triangle underneath the post in question. LeBrok has taken the initiative to moderate the topic in question, and we'll keep an eye out. Thanks.
Are the following links spam? It is a new user's first two posts. He asks for users to post a picture hold a poster saying that he loves his girlfriend. He has made two identical threads in two different forums. Post below:

Nitai said:
Hi. let me introduce my self fisrt.

My name is Nitai Abujamra I´m 25 years old living in Brazil currently working at IBM. I´m here to ask for your help to make my girl smile.

It´s a simple request that I´ve seen on youtube and I tough " hey. she would love it ". It would be nice if some of you sent me a picture of you holding a poster saying something like that:

" Hey Carol, you know that Nitai loves you, right? - California " of course changing your current location.

Please it would means a lot to me if this community could help me with that request, and I´m sure that she would be happy.

So let´s take some picture guys and send this to your friend around the world so they can help too.

Thanks for your time.
email at nitairequest gmail com ( without spaces )

I don´t know if I´m in the correct section, I´m sorry if it´s not.

Thread #1
Thread #2

I think this is spam. Also, he did post two identical threads, and I believe it is against forum rules to do that.
Thanks. He's been banned.

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