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As you will have noticed, the Eupedia Forum now runs on a new software (Xenforo instead of vBulletin). This should provide a smoother experience, particularly on the mobile version.

Note that the country flags are now assigned automatically based on the IP address.
I have merged the Prehistory & Archaeology forum with the History & Civilisations forum and added subforums by historical periods. I have moved hundreds of threads to the appropriate subforums, but couldn't do all today.
Here are a few differences in functionality with the new forum.
  • Private messages are now called Conversations
  • You can edit your preferences, profile and signature by clicking on you username at the top right of the page to display the option menu.
  • The Helpful Answer system was replaced by a Like button like on Facebook. You can choose an emoji instead of the (y). The names of the users liking a post are also shown at the bottom of the post now.
  • You can easily see the list of reactions to your posts in your option menu under "Reactions received".
  • Alerts (the bell on the top right) shows replies and reactions to your posts.
  • All the emoji/emoticons/smileys were replaced by the standard ones found on Whatsapp.
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This is the poorest programmed site I have ever been on......programmer should be flogged, salted and flogged again

back and forward on every page, and every second page,,,,,,,,,,Oops something went wrong ( sure did )

and YES , I have reset the cookies and got rid of all alerts

very bad
No offence but this forum is incredibly buggy, many times you cannot even make a post . Doesn't say why just that there is an error

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